Misty Interview 


My passion is life & being happy. My goals are to succeed in this cruel world. My struggles are depression,PTSD,Anxiety,etc.  My weakness cannot fail me now!!! I’ve come too far to quit! #iDGT #mistybabe💋

What inspires you everyday

Waking up another day to better myself & make other people happy. I know what it’s like to be all alone & the world is against you. I give the janitor the same respect as the CEO. It all boils down to respect,loyalty & love! We all must love each other instead or break each other down!♥️

What is a positive message you would give others

Never Give Up! Have FAITH! Everyone has a gift they just need to embrace it.

What is something you would change about people in the world

I would love to change the evil in this world. I myself have overcome many mountains that most couldn’t fathom & yet I’m still trying to make everybody else happy first. If everyone could have faith & love thy neighbor. We are never promised our next breath so we need to love more, argue less, think of others. You never know what battle the next person hides behind a smile. We need peace & love in this world! A lot more no time for less!! ❤️


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