T Interview 

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Alright ha, a lot of people usually just call me T. I’m from a decent sized city in Iowa, and I’m sixteen.
What inspires you everyday

The environment I was raised in inspires me every day. The real desire to get out of my current surroundings and make a wholesome person out of myself inspires me.
What is something you would change about people in the world

I would change the barricades we put in front of ourselves. The way we are so afraid to give and receive. I would change the way we analyze things and would get rid of any fraudulent beliefs that are so packed into our heads that pertain to one another. I would change the way we learn and the way we treat and speak to each other in such an impersonal matter.
What is your view on society today

Society today is something twisted. We have media in which we use as a criteria guide for aspect of our personal lives. I feel like a lot of us measure the quality of ourselves through other people’s standards rather than our own. We care more of what people observe of us rather than what we can offer to each other. We are two types of people nowadays. societal life and home life have grown far from one another. We leave a lot of our values at home and compromise them in front of society. A lot of society is talking but not willing to take a moment to listen. Some days we refuse to even listen to the words we, ourselves, speak.
What is something youve struggled with

A long lived struggle I’ve had is poverty. I was born to two teenage parents. Although raised with a family who loved each other, we often struggled with hunger and paying bills. We’ve moved place to place. I think I’ve lived in about 30 different homes which has made me desire of one day having my own home. Now, at 16, my mother is sick and my father is in prison. My mother has been denied by disability twice. We don’t receive any money from the state. There’s been times where I’ve had to compromise education and work. 40 hour work weeks while still trying to hold onto my grades. There’s often a time my mother cries while asking me to pay for her medications. However, I owe it to her and to myself to care for someone who has always tried to care for me.
What is a positive message you would give others

There’s so much good that outweighs anything bad in this world. There’s so much things you can do if you trust and love yourself and maintain a relationship with your own faith. There’s so much value and experience a person can put into one lifetime, it’s not worth wasting on sorrow.
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

A goal I have in the future is to get a degree and be able to provide and give back. I’d like to work with my community and kids and adults who were/are brought up in lives similar to mine. I would like to be an influence to a group of people.

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