Rosalie Interview 

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well hi my name is Rosalie, i’m Canadian and you know, you have two parts of your brain. a more strategical one, made for maths and numbers, and a more crative one, made for art and languages and creativity over all. well, my brain is so much more developed on that creative side, i suck at math lol. On the other hand, i love art, writing, reading, litterature, culture, travelling, and I have the chance to speak 3 languages, which is still not enough for me! i love learning and developing ideas
What inspires you everyday

just life in general, the weather, people walking down the street, a squirrel jumping from one tree to another. life is beautiful and so much content can be made just by observing what every day looks like on Earth
What is something you would change about people in the world

their way of thinking of the new generations. for example sexual orientations, women being discriminated and so many things that are horrific and still happening in different parts of the world
What is your view on society today

i think society is like an unfinished puzzle. some parts of it are together, and great, but the missing parts make everything uglier. i think it still needs evolving to become what we want as citizens, and to finish this goddamn puzzle. we need some new voices, leaders who understand what we want, and people who represent the future out of our ideas.
What is something youve struggled with

bullying, low self esteem, and a lot of other shit too but I learned so much things about myself and about the world around us that i don’t regret anything. life is great and i’m happy to finally enjoy it at the fullest
What is a positive message you would give others

to enjoy what’s around you, to see how the world is beautiful in the end, to think that you’re worth it because you are and to live your life as if you were dying the next day!
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

i would like to make a movie, a full big movie with famous actors and everything, somewhere in america. i’d like to revolutionize the world with that movie, just like Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings did. It’s like my ultimate goal in life and I would give everything I have to achieve that.

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