Claire Interview 

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My name is claire. I am a animal-loving teenager who loves anything health and beauty. I long for simpler  times when things were peaceful and basic. I struggle with Chronic illness and look forward to the day when I’m free of pain and can live life like the rest of my peers. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and always love with your whole heart.
What inspires you everyday

i think my inspiration comes from my best friend with cancer. We’re both in totally different circumstances, yet we can both relate to extreme pain and hospital stays, etc. if she can get up every day and keep fighting, so can I. And I continue to do that because I know that you have to go through the journey to eventually get to the end where things get better!
What is something you would change about people in the world

I think the world would be 10x better if we could solve hate with love. I wish that we all supported each other and tried to make things better for our earth.
What is your view on society today

Society today is falling apart in my opinion. I think everyone has a mindset of wanting to be perfect and not helping others before themeselves.
What is something you’ve struggled with

I’ve struggled the most with my health. It’s been ups and downs and I think one day it will all pay off!
What is a positive message you would give others

A positive message I would give others would be, don’t give up when things get tough and make love weigh out over hate.
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

My goal is to beat my illness and inspire others to work hard, because eventually it will all pay off.

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