Jordan Anderson Interview 

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Introduce yourself

my name is jordan anderson. i graduated fro chapman university in california with a degree in dance performance as well as kinesiology. it was hard being an artist in such a constructed system, but i learned a lot how to defend my art. i moved to NYC two years ago to pursue a career as a dancer and have been hustling ever since. i am a very spiritual person, not affiliated with any organized religion, but i am a yogi and meditate daily. this i have found creates balance and peace in my life.

through this i developed a jewelry business, Gems by Jordan, where i work with healing crystals and hand wrap them to share the good vibrations with the world. i desire to one day be fully sustained by my art and be able to open the eyes of the human race to the beauty, unity, culture and necessity that is art and dance.
What inspires you everyday

human connection. music. nature. creating.
What is something you would change about people in the world

open minds. open third eyes
What is your view on society today

i think society is a construct based in fear and self doubt. it is up to the star children, the indigo children, the people who see past the construct, not tied up in this world to be true to themselves and show society that it is radiated love and self love and self belief, that will set you free. BE LOUD and be true. for you are enough.
What is something you’ve struggled with

i’ve struggled with loss and letting go. i lost my mother when i was 19 and through it lost a lot of relationships and family. and for a while i lost myself. i’ve had my dreams taken from me. i’ve had to fight hard for my art, losing family along the way as well. through this loss i have learned how to build myself back up with intention, purpose and passion. i learned that human connection and loyalty is something very important to me. loyalty to something, anything, shows a strong soul.
What is a positive message you would give others

i would give others the mantra ‘you are enough’ you are enough to follow your dreams, you are enough to be true to yourself, you are enough to stand up for yourself, you are enough to say no, you are enough to walk away, you are enough t be loved, you are enough.
i have struggled with severe disrespect and abuse towards women. and i want to give them the power to know they are the spiritual goddesses of this earth. women are love women are strong women are equal women are good enough women
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

my goal for the future is to be fully sustained in this life through my art

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