Shayden Stackhouse Interview

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Introduce yourself

My name is Shayden Stackhouse, I’m a freshmen in high school
What inspires you everyday

My family
What is something you would change about people in the world

I would change their negativity and how money affects how people see others
What is something you’ve struggled with

Someone really close to me passed away 3 years ago and I was really depressed.. I didn’t want to kill myself I just was very negative and thought that nothing would every go right.
What is a positive message you would give others

No matter what you’re going through find the positive in every situation
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

To do something good for the world

43 responses to “Shayden Stackhouse Interview”

  1. I’m Daniel Irwin and I’m just going in my junior year in high school. I’ve been having a great summer so far. My cellphone is 425-523-2803.

    1. Ill give her your number brother

      1. Who’s this?

      2. The owner of this website

      3. Alright. That sounds great.

      4. Did Shayden get my phone number yet?

    2. My family has been doing a lot of camping this summer. I’ve been a Brandon Heath fan for 3 years.

  2. What’s Shayden’s phone number? Can you tell me what it is?

  3. Can you remind Shayden to text me. Did she get my phone number?

    1. Im trying to get her attention now

      1. Alright.

      2. I bet Shayden will respond soon.

  4. Are u guys open this late? It’s 5:08 PM in Washington. Why does it say 12:08 AM?

    1. We are available 24 hours

      1. Nice. You guys have Shayden phone number. I hope Shayden is not that busy.

      2. We found her on instagram

      3. That should work. Send Shayden a message on her Instagram page and tell her that this is Daniel. Tell her my cellphone number.

      4. I did she hasn’t responded in two days

      5. How come you guys don’t respond when it’s 8 in the evening? I’m just curious.

      6. Well im the owner of this whole nr brand usually everyone else is busy and im busy too so we might not respond

      7. Any update on Shayden you guys?

      8. Any updates on Shayden you guys?

      9. Maybe Shayden is busy. Who knows.

      10. Anyany new. I found her on YouTube.

      11. It’s been a long time since Shayden hasn’t responded. Do you think she’ll respond this time?

  5. Did you guys sent Shayden a message on Instagram. Try that.

    1. When did Shayden first respond to you guys?

      1. When i asked to do an interview with her

  6. Do you guys want to interview me? Shayden will probably know who I really am.

    1. Do you guys have Shayden’s phone number?

  7. Will you guys let me know if Shayden responds to you guys?

  8. No response from Shayden I take it.

  9. How long has it been since Shayden hasn’t responded?

      1. I bet she’ll respond this time.

      2. Shes been on instagram

      3. Shayden still hasn’t responded I take it..

      4. Shayden still hasn’t responded.

      5. Did Shayden respond to you guys yet?

  10. She’s been on YouTube.

    1. Anything new updates on Shayden today?

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