Ethan Wesner(BLINQ) Interview

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I’m Ethan Wesner (BLINQ) and I’m 17! I’m from Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago, and I produce electronic music.
What inspires you everyday

Honestly, our society is so fucked up now a days where people think it’s okay to bring others down. They try to break you until you kinda transform into another sheep following the same path and life everybody else calls a “normal” life. I strive off the originality I see and try my best to stray away from that path the world wants you to take. Many people are broken down and almost forced into the social norm. I say break this chain and be different. Define yourself and people will follow.

I see producers who I look up to change the way people think everyday just by a simple song. People might be too closed minded to understand, but if you free your mind, the words and sounds you hear might just make an impact on your life like it did mine. I started off listening to edm back when I was 12 with skrillex and deadmau5 as a personal favorite. I looked up to them and saw how many people they had impacted by social medias and content (me being one of them). So I began producing The lack of support I got was incredible. Nobody understood my motives, my sounds, and especially why I even tried. Just another example of how the trend to be “normal” has played a roll on many kids growing up around me. As the lack of support began to break me, I started to realize that’s what fuels producers to strive and work harder . So I began to work harder and harder everyday. I shut myself off from the world at times because I got so into my music. As my music began to gross, so did the support and now I realize if I keep doing me and making the sounds that mean something to me, I can at least impact one person. When I realized impacting even 1 person positively could be the start to a world wide chain reaction, I realized this is what the music should be about. Not about the money, the popularity, but the impact you can have on somebody’s life. Thus, BLINQ was made. Not for me, but the people who support and love my music.
What is something you would change about people in the world

they all feel they should follow a certain path. I feel too many people are lost and feel like they should live up to the standards that the new age tv shows are dishing out. It’s like they want people to try and live like them and that it’s all real, but people don’t realize what they usually see is all fake and set up. I wish people would follow their own paths and pursue what they want to pursue, but instead they are usually blinded and brainwashed by the television and social media
What is your view on society today

too many people are sheep following a road going nowhere
What is something you’ve struggled with

Finding my sound
What is a positive message you would give others

Be you. I know this sounds repetitive and many people have the same message, but finding yourself and your meaning at a young age will set your success and happiness for the future.

And whatever you do, don’t ever quit something you love because others think it’s “uncool” or “not normal”
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

As long as I make at least one person happy with my music, my goal is forever complete*

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