Madilyn Brandon Interview 

Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Madilyn Brandon but I go by Maddy, I live in North Carolina and I’m a sophomore at West Forsyth high school.
What inspires you everyday

the people just trying to push through these rough times in America right now, and being discriminated against. some peoples rights are taking a step backwards and I think if they can push through and continue to fight and stay true to themselves then I’ve got nothing to worry about.

What is something you would change about people in the world

The way people treat each other and classification. We are all humans, therefore we should all be treated equal, you shouldn’t be mean to someone just because the “look gay” or they are “a fat loser”. No one should feel like an outsider because of what people say about them. Bullying needs to stop, discrimination needs to stop, in short the hatred needs to stop. I know it’s hard but we all need to live each other and use love to retaliate with those that act out in hate. People just need to strip away the fear and labels and accept everyone as just another human, as their equal
What is your view on society today

I think that everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion but in our society today people take their opinion and make it into something that hurts others and offends people. And people in society today are so close minded, as you can probably tell from this interview I’m pretty liberal, but even I read conservative blogs or articles just to here the other side of the story or why hey have certain beliefs and I actually agree with some conservative points on government but I simply lean more

Liberal. I like to think people are naturally good hearted and you can choose to believe that or not I just think that when things happen we don’t act out in good ways. But there are good parts of society too, like the fact that people don’t have to be repressed because discrimination is frowned upon so people can speak their minds if something isn’t fair and they can protest to protect their cause and to stand up for what they believe in because unlike a long time ago, people aren’t afraid of punishment, they simply want to be heard and want there cause to mean something. Society isn’t black and white it’s just a big grey field because for every bad part there is a good part. With my experience in society it is very close minded and mean to those who are different but those who are different speak up and stand up for any one who is oppressed, but then again live in North Carolina so you can imagine the shit I get for standing up to people who try to hate or discriminate on my friends

Society isn’t good or bad it just simply contradicts itself constantly and that will most likely never end
What is something you’ve struggled with

Friends get bullied just exhausted they are gay or half Muslim or another race or trams. When people don’t treat each other equally I struggle mentally to understand what they have against me and my friends, even I’m discriminated against by being a liberal which  isn’t even a big deal! I’m open minded but I can’t see the other side of treating someone different Bc if how they look or who they live or which god they believe in. I also struggle with societies modeling of the perfect body, all

Girls or boys should know that their body is beautiful just the way it is and it isn’t supposed to look like those models on tv, but that is societies idea of beauty, so young girls and boys find unhealthy ways to look skinny or to have big boobs or the perfect proportional face. They get plastic surgery or they result to anorexia/Bulimia nervosa. Even I struggle with self esteem issues seeing the portrayal of the perfect body and knowing I will never achieve tmsocieties standards, lastly I Struggle with gender roles and the fact that I am expected to stay inside and cook and clean rather than go out and become a scientist. Genes make up who you are and while some girls simply love “girly” things, environment also plays a huge part in influencing the girls/boys interest so the moment a boy wants to play with a doll or a girl wants to play with a transformer the family tries to suppress the variety of choices  and dumb it down to girl stuff and boy stuff, so that everyone now has
What is a positive message you would give others

I would say to keep your mind wide open for any ideas that might contradict your beliefs so you can analyze both sides and decide what you actually want or believe. Don’t discriminate and love everyone. Be yourself and love yourself, because before you try to love everyone, you have to love yourself first. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin and feel like they have the freedom to express who they are and what they believe without getting put down for it. Just try to make the

World a safer and better place with the best method you think possible and with your help and many others we can all change the world for the better .
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

In the future I would like to be a strong advocator of LGBT rights, women’s rights, disregarding gender roles, letting immigrants into his country considering that’s what it was founded on, respecting each other’s stances, and the elimination of discrimination. I hope to be a politician or a civil rights lawyer. I also love singing and musicals so making it on broadway would be great too (everyone should follow my singing insta @maddygracesings ) i want to go to my dream college UNC and I think

That someday I would want to run for president and possibly become the first women president if it hasn’t already been achieved by the time I’m old enough. I would just really like to make my mark on this world while I’m here and change things for the better.


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