Daniela Gonzalez Interview 

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Introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Daniela Gonzalez but you can just call me Ela, I’m 18 years old. I’m a model, aspiring actress, fashion blogger, beauty blogger and I love making videos on YouTube. I’d describe myself as open minded, adventurous, multifaceted and I’m someone who has many goals in life
What inspires you everyday

I think a little bit of everything. Specially fashion, or just while watching a movie, since I’m an aspiring actress, I imagine myself being in that scene I’m watching. It inspires me to push myself to get where I want to be. Or just simple things like looking at the sky, listening to the silence while I’m alone, listening to music, I’m very passionate about music too so I take inspiration from everywhere. From photography.. Most of the times, the little things make special moments
What is something you would change about people in the world

I don’t like how people lately is so focused on appearances. They are all the time judging others for every single thing. So I would change that, I’d love that we wouldn’t focus that much on other people’s life. Let them live their life and just be you, always doing good and being respectful
What is your view on society today

Well I see a lot of hate and judging. But things are changing, at the same time I see that things are changing and some people that used to feel left out before is being welcomed now, so that’s a great thing!
What is something you’ve struggled with

Having to say goodbye and losing someone. I lost both of my grandparents last year, and it was tough. Maybe one of the hardest things that I’ve been trough. And also moving out of the country, it was hard having to say goodbye to all of my family because we were really close, and we still are even though we don’t live in the same country anymore and having to deal with so many changes. And I couldn’t see my grandpa, the father of my mom, on his lasts days because I was here
What is a positive message you would give others

Treat people with respect, be nice, don’t judge and live your life, do what you love and what inspires you, be who you want to be
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

Become a successful model and actress, getting signed with an agency in New York, walking in NYFW, doing movies, tv shows, going to Hollywood, living in LA. Growing on YouTube and I’d like to be an example or inspiration to others to believe in themselves

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