Grace Cox Interview 

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Introduce yourself

my name is grace cox and i’m a junior in high school

i’m originally from new york city but now currently live in new jersey
What inspires you everyday

i think the goal of moving out and making a name for myself in the real world, sort of like trying to reach the idea of what i dream about like moving back to new york and making music and art
What is something you would change about people in the world

i think the concept of human morals
What is your view on society today

i think the way society is today is exactly how we subconsciously want it to be. there is no perfect society, it’s close to impossible for that to exist. if there were no problems in the world relating to race, religion, sexuality, etc. there would be other things to worry about. society is a constant nag at the back of your mind, reminding you what’s socially acceptable vs what isn’t, and unfortunately we all abide by those rules.
What is something you’ve struggled with

i think mental health, and how it effects my daily thoughts and blows things out of proportion 98% of the time. as an already hormonal teenager having bipolar type 2 drastically changed everything in my life.

being anxious and having 2 diagnosed disorders also stresses me out constantly
What is a positive message you would give others

give everything time
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

i think one goal i want to achieve would be to graduate high school & college, and then by the time i’m 27 ive somewhat settled down and feel comfortable with who i am as a person

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