Spencer Cook Interview 

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​Introduce yourself

My name is Spencer Cook. I was born  raised in the Philadelphia area. I’m 18 years old and will be moving to New York City next year for college to major in photography. Although I only recently started to produce art on a consistent and serious basis, I have always valued creativity and self-expression, and therefore consider myself an artist in just about every sense of the word. Although producing visual art is my craft (at the moment), my passion for many years has been my dedicated consumption of music.
What inspires you everyday?

Music often directly inspires my mood, world perspective, and art production. This production is also inspired by human interaction and coexistence with nature, cityscapes and infrastructure, architecture, and most (if not all) forms of aesthetically-driven design. My greatest inspiration of all is probably love. Love in general, but more specifically; romantic and sexual love in between humans. From a young age I have always been fascinated and enchanted by the concept of intimacy and deep personal connection. I think this passion drives the rest of my interests, my greatest goals, and even my desire to live and breathe at the most fundamental level.
What is something you would change about people in the world

About people? As far as the inherent conditions of humanity, I wish humans were more often motivated for non-egotistical reasons. For example, I consider myself a very helpful and caring person, but at the root of those traits is my desire to make the world more enjoyable for myself, because I enjoy everything more when people are happy and when people like and trust me. I’ve accepted that one’s own desires will ALWAYS be the root of their actions, but I would still change it if I could. As far as the conditions that people live under, of course I want world peace, end to poverty and hunger, disbandment of harmful social standards and expectations… I could make a long ass list. But I’ve decided that I’ve worked hard to get to a point where I love myself, so I should just enjoy who I am and what I have for now.
What is your view on society today

I don’t know enough about the culture of other countries to speak on them, but I can talk about American society. I think, despite the many flaws and injustices present throughout our country, America is probably at a more socially progressive and accepting point than it has ever been. I think the growing prevalence of humanism and egalitarianism in (some sectors) of the American workplace and the rest of society has the potential to put us and keep us on a better path than we have ever been.
What is something you’ve struggled with

My greatest struggle in life has been my ability to love and accept myself. The raw intelligence I was blessed with from birth, as well as my inherent empathetic and moral nature, makes me a unique and interesting person. However, this uniqueness was something I spent so many years squandering, due to my adolescent desire to fit in and my reliance on the compassion and companionship of others as somewhat of an extrovert. I’ve always hated school and I still look down on the public school system
What is a positive message you would give others

as unpractical and under-individualized. But not that I’ve been accepted into college and I’m almost done high school, I feel the weight of schoolwork, the majority of which I’ve always felt was pointless, lifted from my shoulders. This has made me feel like I can finally focus on the things I want in life, including finalizing my long path of self-actualization I would tell other people that being yourself and loving yourself is the key to life. From there, everything will fall into place as best it can.
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

-To become a famous artist. Not household name level or anything, but someone that’s known and respected on a thorough level throughout the art scene. Visual arts or auditory arts or both. Just a career in something creative where I also have a solid amount of money would generally be great.

-To find/meet the love of my life and spend the rest of my life with her in a super intimate, happy, and fulfilling relationship.

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