Selma Interview 

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​Introduce yourself

I’m Selma and I’m 16& I live in Riga, Latvia

I love makeup
What inspires you everyday?

Many artists on instagram and sometimes just everyday stuff i see outside
What is something you would change about people in the world

I wish people would be more open minded and respected all sorts of different people more and generally cared more

What is your view on society today

I think it’s better and more accepting of different people than ever but still not perfect even in developed and liberal countries, but it’s improving, however Trump’s election was a step backwards for everybody.
What is something you’ve struggled with

Responding to this question 😂
What is a positive message you would give others

It sounds really cheesy but to always be themselves because if you pretend to be someone else so others will like you you’re not only being fake but you might lose who you really are and have trouble finding your way back
Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the future

Sounds cheesy again but to find a job or something else that makes me happy and to enjoy life altogether

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