Brianna Brenton Interview 

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​okay my name is brianna benton and i’m a junior in high school. 
what inspires me every day: eventually everything will work out and be okay.

i just imagine my future and how i want it to be 
what is something i would change about people in the world: less hate, more understanding, compromising. not everyone has the same views and that’s ok,,
what is my view on society today: it’s messed up, so many expectations and so many certain ways you should do things and certain things you should

believe in. and if you don’t believe in society’s view then you’re wrong, and should be bullied or hated for it.
what is a positive message i would give others: listen to understand, not to respond. love others. everything will work itself out in the end. 
what is something i’ve struggled with: depression, anxiety, divorce (which led to bad relationships with my parents at times)
lastly, what is my definition of a peaceful world: i feel like this question is almost irrational because the world will never be at peace. there’s always going to be people who disagree and hate one another. but we need to learn how to love, how to have healthy debates, learn that it’s ok to agree to disagree. 
***addition to the question about changing people in the world: christians are not out to get you, most of us aren’t here to tell you we hate you and that you’re going to go to hell

if you don’t follow the bible to a T because everyone makes mistakes and is going to sin. you have your views and we have ours. lots of us are more open minded/hearted too.

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