Jamie Interview 

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​Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Jamie. I’m a social media influencer on snapchat and Instagram
What inspires you everyday?

To become a better person/ a better me and achieve my goals and to make progress in something everyday whatever this may be
What is something you would change about people in the world?

People’s lack of understanding of each other/ only being friendly when they have to be or talking, for example when getting paid at work. The biggest one is world hunger as it could be prevented
What is your view on society today?

It’s messed up in many different ways
What is something you’ve struggled with?

It’s only a small struggle but being different in anyway causes people not to understand and immediately dislike you because they’re too small minded
What is a positive message you would give others?

Always trust/ believe in yourself and fuck what others think because they aren’t going to help you improve yourself
Last question what is your definition of a peaceful world?

Truthfully, I don’t think a peaceful world is possible

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