Tallis Interview 

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​introduce yourself?

Hello there! My name is Tallis! I’m a 17 year old girl from Arizona! The world is my closet and I’m coming out :>
what inspires you everyday?

The people around me are amazing, but what truly inspires me is music. Listening to lyrics that were written by other people I’ve never met that reflect what I feel is truly motivating.
what is something you would change about people in the world?

If I could change something, it would be the lack of acceptance. The reason is that some people just don’t think for themselves. They listen to what others have to say without considering that not accepting people hurts them.
what is your view on society today?

Society could be so much better if we stopped fighting with eachother, even if we never made peace. America in particular I am worried with.
what is something you’ve struggled with?

I’ve struggled with a lot of things, but the most prominent thing is my mental health. I have Avoidant Personality Disorder (avpd) and it causes me to have difficulties and panic attacks during social situations. There is so much hate against mentally ill people for no reason, that’s been hard for me to overcome.
what is a positive message you would give others

Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.
Last question what is your definition of a peaceful world?

A peaceful world is one where we finally treat eachother as human beings.

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