Justin Le Roux Interview 

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​Introduce yourself

I’m Justin Le Roux, I dj under the alias Loud Lungs, and I’m from Durban, a city on the East Coast of South Africa. At the moment I’m travelling round California, seeing what the USA has to offer before moving out hopefully!
What inspires you everyday?

I’m inspired by my friends and family, watching them overcome challenges and reach personal milestones drives me to better myself day by day. Seeing all the incredible music coming out of young South Africans right now is also something that motivates me a lot. People like Chee, FRQNT, and Phizicist. They’re pushing boundaries and making beautiful sonic art. Also Kage, only has like two tunes out but they blew my mind and I’m so excited to see what else is to come.
What is something you would change about people in the world?

Patience and empathy, probably the two things that could make a lot less pain and suffering take place if we all had a lot more of both
What is your view on society today?

I think we’re held back by the older generation. They’re largely still the ones with a power hold over most things. The younger generations seem to be working hard on getting rid of a lot of the prejudices that are keeping us from evolving as a society at large. Once we have the power to make our thoughts and feelings felt, I think we will see many good changes start to come about.
What is something you’ve struggled with

I have pretty overwhelming social anxiety, so somedays even leaving my house can be a challenge. A lot of my friends don’t even know I suffer from it because I try not to let it stop me from getting out there and living while I can, but it can be tough when it hits bad and you don’t have the will to overcome it that day.
What is a positive message you would give others?

As a generation we’ve been made to feel like we’re powerless – that we need a miracle, or someone in a position of authority above us to allow us the chance to be more. Don’t wait on that, we are all we need to keep progressing. If you find something and work towards goals constantly, we can always effect change. And that doesn’t mean do it alone. Find people like you. Share with them. Work together. Somehow you will find a way to create a new reality.
Last question what is your definition of a peaceful world

A world where everyone has learned that nobody has the right answer.

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