Kady Interview 

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​Introduce yourself?

Well hi I’m Kady, I live in Kansas and I am 14 years old

There really isn’t much about me other than I love to write and read. All I do is smile and laugh around people. I’m very outgoing. Walking around my small home town is one of my favorite things to do. And I honestly can’t think of anything else to say who I am.
What is your everyday inspiration?

My inspiration is the insecure girls that can still go out in public without their makeup on. Day to day I feel the pressure of makeup. But seeing girls my age and older that are insecure but still willing to go bare faced, it inspires me to want to go outside my house without makeup. knowing no one will care about whether I try and look good or not. It might seem silly but it’s honestly a very strong inspiration.
What is something you would change about people in the world

Their way of judgment. You see all these comments on social medias and how hateful people are. And I just wish there was a person or a voice that people would actually hear and change the way of their thoughts and their natural online hate. If that makes sense.
What is your view on society today?

Unfocused. If we all came together and tried to accomplish things instead of being distracted and divided by smaller battles, we could make society anything we wanted.
What is something you’ve struggled with?

Finding the right people to be friends with is definitely something I’ve struggled with.
What is a positive message you would give others?

Looking for the good in everyone and keeping your head up is one of the best way to look at the bad things in life.
Last question do you feel like us as people can make a difference in the world and why

Yes, I feel like if people got a big enough voice then we really could make a difference. Why? Because I look for the good in everything like I said earlier. Anything can happen. Especially if the ‘anything’ is good.☺️

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