Question #1 introduce yourself
My names honor as u can tell lol I’m still in high school and am currently cramming for finals 😔

What is your daily everyday inspiration?
I don’t really have a specific one just like stories of people overcoming obstacles and judgement they face really inspire me to face my small problems

What is something you would change about people in the world?
I would change how people focus on things and the love they have for others I wish we had more love and instead of focusing on kanye we focused on allepo

What does true love mean to you
It means loving someone unconditionally, even at their worst times or your worst times

What is a plan you would or could do to help change the world?
Ummm I would most likely try and teach people that we are all equal and deserve a chance at a good life

What is something you’ve struggled with?
I’ve really struggled with finding my place and finding people who will stick by me throughout life when it’s hard.

What bring you happiness?
Probably my family and my little cousins

last question do you feel like us a people can make a difference in the world?
Yes, even if the group is small you can still make a huge difference like the standing rock protests they’re fighting for what they believe and they’ve made a difference