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Roos Hageman Interview

Question #1 introduce yourself?

I’m Roos Hageman, a 16-years-old girl from the Netherlands
What is your daily everyday inspiration?

Life, like nature; animals, sky etc
What is something you would change about people in the world?

That they learn more about nature, and see that it’s not just their life they have to live, but are able to see that you shouldn’t ruin nature for self-interest, but take care of nature. I see everywhere that people just don’t care and just don’t know about that the ‘little’ things they are doing (eating mass production food like McDonalds and throwing away their garbage in nature) are really bad things to do for the earth, since eveyone is doing it. I just hope that everyone one day  will
What is your perspective view on society today?

Pretty much the same idea as a showed above, people should realise more about what being a human being is and that everyone in the world lives differently and we should all accept that 🙂
What is your ultimate goal in life?

I don’t really know about that (yet) but I want to live life and do things I love to do. Also I want to travel and learn more about life. I think I also want to help the world and the suffering animals around the world, but I’m not sure how I’ll do that yet, but I’m sure I want to make a change!
What does true love mean to you?

Being able to give and recieve love (person to person) and if it’s about food/animals/nature/whatsoever: loving it to the fullest
Last question do you feel like us as people can make a difference in the world and why?

Yes, by realising more what people are doing

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