Ryan Baker Interview 

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Question #1 tell alittle bit about yourself?
Well, I could talk for hours about myself, but I was born in the New Orleans, Louisiana area up until about 12 years old. My parents were tired of hurricanes so we moved to the Dallas, TX area. I love it here. Many opportunities for business and growth, which is my goal in life: to grow beyond what college has to offer. When I’m not working on my website I’m probably playing piano, chilling with my dogs, or listening to music.
What inspires you?

I make a lot of mistakes. Who doesn’t? But my mistakes are personal; things I’ve done and am determined to prove to no one but myself that I can climb higher.

Also, my inspiration comes from seeing my family struggle from income. I want to help my family. I know that’s cliche but I think about it everyday.
Tell people about your website?

I used to get embarrassed in middle school and high school. I’d wonder why I was so small and lanky or why I couldn’t sprint as fast or lift as much as the other guys. Some of the top athletes were rumored of taking testosterone boosters or, even worst, steroids. I started my site about 3 years ago with the goal of boosting my body’s NATURAL ability to raise testosterone, grow muscle, and become stronger. Since then, I’ve grow to a thousand views a month and receive emails from guys I’ve helped!
What is a positive message you would give others?

Don’t be fobbed off by the failure of others. If you let that get to your head you’ll end up just like them. If you learn from them, then they’ll be fobbed off by your success.
What is something you’ve struggled with?

Motivation. I tend to ask myself “What’s the point?” and lose motivation. There’s something about pushing yourself to your own personal limits. No one else can push you but yourself and I tend to lose that drive sometimes.
What is your perspective view on society today?

Most people think that people like me who don’t go to college will never get anywhere in life. My view is, going to college is a safety net. You’re typically guaranteed a job until you die but you can only climb so high. If I create my own success I can climb as high as I let myself go.
How many do you have in your website as of today?

It’s growing exponentially. I just bought 100 bumper stickers to pass out to people for free. Currently at about a thousand views a month. Expected to be at a few thousand by my birthday (jan. 7).
Last question do you feel like us as people can make a difference in the world and why?

Of course. The world was made to be won by youth. I get emails daily about how I’ve helped people become happier and healthier. Their wives are happier. Children and coworkers are happier because they are happy. It’s a chain reaction. All because I helped one person directly, I indirectly helped 10. I love that

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