Joseph Ortega Interview 

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Question #1 tell the world about yourself?

#2 is what inspires you

#3 what is something you would change about the world

#4 what is a positive message you would give others

#5 what is your perspective view on society today?

#6 what does true love mean to you

#1 My name is Joseph Ortega and I am a 17 year old senior in high school. I live with my dad, step mom, and 2 step sisters who all support me very much. My mom and dad separated around the time I was born and my dad was always the one who took care of me and by the time I was 4 we had moved from Burbank CA to Bakersfield, which I still live in today, I’ve been a mobile DJ and musician for about 3 years now and it has sure been a ride so far. I do gigs in and out of the city sometimes and plan on creating music soon for the world to know more about myself. I started becoming a musician really when I hit high school. I started singing in Jr High, but freshman year was when I got my first guitar and little DJ set and really started singing and performing for people. I went on singing at talent shows, in choir, and other school events but I didn’t get my first DJ gig till the end of freshman year and that’s where my journey began. Thanks to my dad who gives me full support and helped me get some starting equipment. From that day on I was getting at least one gig a month if not more and I started growing. Upgrading! By sophomore year I had a bigger DJ set and by junior year I got the DJ set of my dreams and was finally become a local mobile DJ/Turntablist. I was making a name for myself and it was time to start making my own music. I started buying studio equipment little by little and now I have my own little home studio where Ive been making music to share with the world. I do plan on releasing a huge mixtape that really expresses all of me and my life. My singing, rapping, instrumental talents, DJing, and my producing. Music is all I got, now I just gotta keep going for it and pushing myself to become the best that I can be. 

#2 For as long as I can remember as a kid, music has always driven me. I feel like my biggest inspiration in life is music. I remember when I was 3 and my dad and uncle would have friends over in or apartment and they used to always play music and I wud grab a flashlight and sing into it as if it were a microphone. They gave me a look that made me realize I was doing something right. Something that people would love, but after that moment I don’t remember ever getting into singing or performing for years. I was just so nervous! I remember at 6 years old lip syncing in the bedroom mirror when my dad or uncle weren’t around because I loved the idea of performing, but I wasn’t sure if I was good enough. Not until my 7th grade year when I met my next, and one of my biggest inspiration of all, my beautiful girlfriend, Iridian. She helped me open as a person and always motivated me to do great things. I’ve always loved breakdancing as a kid, but I was never good at it, and when I saw that she was in the schools dance team, I told myself I would learn. And I did. That was how we met. And eventually almost a year later I sang to her. She was the first person to ever hear me sing and she loved it. She told me I needed to keep going on with it and to never stop. So I didn’t. Of course I was still nervous and I would only sing for her, but one time she asked me to sing for her while she was with her friends and I was so close to just passing out, but I didn’t. I held it together and I went for it. Then suddenly her friends had the same reaction she had before and that’s when I kind of really knew something was up. “I ain’t so bad” I thought. By 8th grade year I was in choir and passed my audition for a solo at our pop concert. It was my first solo performance ever and I sang a song for her. She was there and so were all her friends and so was my family. It brought tears to my sisters and it gave me a great feeling inside that I know would have never happened if it wasn’t for my Iri. The rest of my inspirations are pretty much musicians so long story short, I look up to DJ Craze as a DJ inspiration because he won his first title at the age of 15 and it just gives me a great feeling seeing him perform now and how amazing his techniques are! My inspiration as a performer and musician and even as a person is Miguel. I’ve always loved Miguel’s music and I’ve listened to all of his interviews and everything is just amazing. I see myself in him. WE (me and Iri) see ourselves in Miguel and Nazanin (his fiancé). We look up to them not for the fame, but for the way they hold each other and lead each other through their journey. Those are my inspirations.

#3 There are many things in this world that I would love to change but I think one of the most important to me is to end world hunger and disease. I know that if someday I make it to my desired destination I will take a plane full of food and vaccines to poor countries like Africa and would help out as much as I can to hopefully save lives. I like in those countries people aren’t given the opportunities that other people like me are given. It’s not fare and I know that life just isn’t fare sometimes but that doesn’t mean to let it slide. That’s the call for action. The people with the possessions that got their opportunities should help out the ones had didn’t. At least that’s how I see it. I hate knowing that while we are here living in a good place, there are millions of people dying of hunger and disease on the other side of the world with no help. That is what I would really want to change in this world.

#4 A positive message that I would give to others is to never let anything get in the way of your dream. Their are always going to be obstacles the you have to surpass and issues that you have to overcome, but with hard work and never giving up, anything is possible. You can do anything you set your mind to.

#5 In my perspective, I feel like society isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I feel like we all should be helping each other and come together to make things better. The way people treat each other is very unhealthy and we lose thousands of lives to things like depression, suicide, and bullying that we must stop this before we continue to lose more because it is tough. I’ve been through it and I have also helped someone to relax and think twice about there decision because it is so heartbreaking to know that someone will take their life because they feel like everything is just tearing apart. It ruins families and friendships and it is unacceptable. Society needs to straighten up and help one another out and make sure everyone around them is doing great in there lives, if not then make their lives better.

#6 True love to me is more than just a relationship. It’s best friendship within a relationship. It actually doesn’t have to be a relationship at all it’s pretty noticeable when you truly love someone because of the way they make you feel. True love is when you know you can’t live without that special person or maybe it’s not even a person. For example, I love music and I know I can’t live without it. I also know I can’t live without my Iri. The love I have for her is as true as it can get. If you can’t live without someone, or something, you must have true love for that special thing right? At least that’s how I see it.

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  1. May all your dreams come true Joseph. Happy Thanksgiving. Sheen.

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