Zay Interview 

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Question #1 tell the world about yourself?

short summary…just a high school student trying to find a way to improve society and the world for those around me. very ambitious about things i love doing as well.
What is something you would change about the world?

people’s mind sets and how they not only treat others but how they treat themselves. having hope, good beliefs, good morals, and an understanding of right or wrong. also for society to come together and for us to build one strong love for one another as a whole.
What inspires you?

my goals
What is your perspective view on society today?

it’s terrible. every aspect needs work.

people wouldn’t even be the same without social media and that’s depressing
What is something you’ve struggled with?

money, confidence, and hope
What is a positive message you would give others?

never give up on what you love no matter what it is or what obstacles you may face in life. yourself against yourself or others against you, you have to continue to persevere and keep your mind focused with morals in mind.
Last question do you feel like us as people can make a difference in the world?

of course. nobody else can change it. it starts and ends with us i believe.

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