Marthe Interview

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Question #1 tell the world about yourself?

So, i’m a Girl and i live in Belgium, and i’m a Christian

and i have 2 brothers and 2sisters, my hobby is athletics
What inspires you?

Nafi thiam inspires me, she’s a young Girl and she was like not really populair before the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro this year but she has gold for al lot of things and she’s a femenist
What is something you would change about the world?

I really want a world without racism, not only racism to Black people, but also the racism to woman, i also would like it if people ate less meat
What is something you’ve struggled with?

My parents are divorced since i’m 3years old, so i have a stepmother and a stepfather
What is your perspective view on society today?

i don’t like Trump, but as long as he don’t do some stupid things I think that everything is good
What is your main goal you want to accomplish in life?

I would travel the world with some friends
Last question do you feel like us as people can make a difference in the world?

Yeah of course people can make a difference in the world

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