Chrissy Interview 

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Tell alittle bit about yourself?

I’m 16 and in high school. My dad is a single dad. I’m an only child. My mom left us when I was a baby. My dad works for an organization that helps builds schools in countries that need them so I’ve always traveled with him so I’ve gone to so many places.
What inspires you?

My dad. He does everything he can to help people and I want to do the same.
😊😊😊😊😊 what would you change about the world?

I’d change it so nobody was struggling about their next meal. Everyone would know that they were going to eat every day.
What is your view on the black lives matter thing?

I don’t really have an opinion. I tend to ignore it because everyone blows everything about it out of proportion.
What is a life lesson you would give others?

To go explore and live life. Fulfill your dreams and stop procrastinating.
I noticed your page says photography you do photography?

Yes I do.
What is something you struggled with?

I struggled moving a lot. I wasn’t really able to make friends, I was the weird girl.
Last question do you feel like we can make a difference in the world and why
Yes I do. People doing what they do every day is making a difference. It might be a small difference but it still is one.

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  1. It would be a great social comparison if you found these guys 5-10 years from now and asked them more questions. Life changes, views change and perspective evolves.

    great read.

    1. You know thats actually a very great idea i would totally do that too

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