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Meg Kirkland Interview

Tell alittle bit about yourself

well i’m 17, i’m in a magnet high school in nashville tennessee, i play softball, i want to be a surgeon, and i work at sonic
What inspires you?

what inspires me is when people tell me i can’t do something or that i am incapable of accomplishing something that i want to accomplish. i just want to prove people wrong and show that i am capable and if i want something then i’m gonna go for it, cause if i want it then it’s obviously worth the struggle to get it (unless it’s unreasonable, like when i just want food or something)
What is something you would change about the world?

well personally, one thing i actually plan on helping to change is the lack of medical attention in third world countries. i plan on going to med school then joining doctors without borders so i can bring much needed medical attention to those who need it,but don’t have the kinda easy access that we do here in first world countries
What is a life lesson you would give others?

well it’s one thing that i am still trying to learn, but everything happens for a reason. i’m actually diagnosed bipolar so i’ve hit some pretty low rock bottoms in my life but i’ve become a much stronger person because of everything thats happened. especially in the past year or so, lots of people have commented on how much better i’ve been doing, and yeah bad shit still happens to me – i mean the only thing fair about life is that it’s unfair to everyone. nobody’s life is perfect. but all the bad things that happen to a person are carefully planned out by God, for whatever reason that we will never understand, to make us better people or make us stronger or make us into whatever He wants us to be. even if there’s something we want more than anything in the world and we don’t end up getting it – there’s a reason that outcome was the one that happened and maybe your life is better because of it
What is your view on the black lives matter movement?

hahah. well. it all just seems so complicated to me. i try to stay out of all of that. i mean i’m definitely not racist or anything, i believe everybody’s life matters just as much as the next guy, no matter what his/her skin colour is. but everyone’s blowing this all so out of proportion to me. like, idk. it seems like it’s getting worse and more and more of a big deal because nobody’s actually trying to solve anything or be content with their own opinion. everyone just wants to convince other people of their own personal views because everyone things their opinions are right.
Do you feel like we can make a difference in the world and why?

well i would love to think that it’s possible to make a difference, but everyone in the world says “i want to make a difference” at some point in their lives, but rarely do those people actually follow though with their statement. the world definitely needs to change, there’s no doubt about it. the reason these changes never happen is like the same thing i said in my black lives answer. everyone thinks their own opinion is law and they desire only to convince everyone else of their own views. everyone in the world is different and there’s always people who don’t want to change their views, and they all have their reasons and their right for doing so. i just believe that everyone’s too different to be able to make a change that will satisfy everyone. even if we did change things, somebody would be unhappy and want to make more changes. so basically, yes, we can change the world, and the world changes every day? but it will never stop changing because there will always be more things to change.

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!
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  1. Meg, nice of you to share your thoughts so well. I just want you to know that God did not plan the bad things that happened. God is love. God is our Father in heaven. Bad things happen because of many reasons. But God will provide you with all the resources you need to overcome n become even stronger.

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