Max Interview 

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​Well first question, tell alittle bit about yourself?

Uh so, im max, 15, canadien
I really enjoy music,
Im a maturing teen whos eyes are being open to the world and is self aware of his growth, both musically, maturity and spiritual
I dont fuck with jesus althought i dont deny his existence, science is bullshit too (spiritual^) i like to think for myself in that manner,
The reason i feel like im aware of my growth is because i see myself floating into better music, i dont listen to dubstep, i listen to soul, jazz, rap (i dont fuck with hypebeast dudes, none of that 2 chainz shit)
Im a car enthusiasts
Favorite car is hands down the sabaru wrx sti. Its affordable, its fast, its awd its has lots of power and looks amazing

What is something you would change about the world?

The world is so hate filled

What is your view on the black lives matter movement?

I think all lives matter, we should stop making one race more important then the other, Equality is needed but by saying the minority matters is like saying That the majority doesnt But the word minority and majority shouldn’t be words in terms of race

What is something you struggled with?

Well theres this girl that im in a “its complicated” type of situation with, we arent dating but almost and her friend told me i was selfish, like i dont ask her how her day was, but thats just like really recently, But it got me thinking that i might be because of my adhd that i go too quick, or am i just making excuses for my selfies conversationalist ways? Idk
And i also struggle a bit with my education, i have adhd add and dyslexia so its pre hurtin

Do you feel like we can make a difference in the world?

Not entirely, its so hard to get noticed, i feel like making your life as good as it can be is making a difference in your world but im not sure about others but theres always good to be done 🙂

What are your goals in the next 2 years?

College, I wanna be an engineer or something with mechanics

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