​Tell alillte bit about yourself

Well, first, I’m Davis Pemberton and I’m from Lake Martin, Alabama. I’m 18 and currently in my first year at Auburn University. I am a Christian. I love art, sports, and outdoors. I have 3 brothers and one sister who was adopted from Russia. I’m soon to be an uncle which I am very excited about.
What is your inspiration?

Every day I let Jesus live through me and go through my day being the man he, as well as my family, would want me to be. I try to be positive and smile no matter what because I know God is working.
What is something you would change about the world

Um, really anything I say could never really be fixed due to it being a never ending chain. But if I could change in this world is conflict or war. I’m not the kind of guy who likes conflict and seeing all of these debates and headlines on war, death, and crime really make me question the sanity of this world. I wish that my kids and grandkids don’t have to grow up in a world as twisted as this one, and getting rid of conflict and war would really be a great solution to that.
What is your view on men hitting women?

I think that men hitting women is ridiculous. If a man hits a woman, it better be out of self defense, or he shouldn’t even call himself a man. Men should treat women like princesses because they are. They are a gift from God and we should not only respect them, but cherish them, no matter how many times we call women “crazy”
What is a life lesson you would give overs

Stay positive; always go throughout your day with a smile on your face and know that God is working. If you’re going through a rough time, know that he gives his strongest warriors the toughest battles. Never let anyone bring you down. Keep your head up because you should never care about what others think or say to you. There are only a few people’s opinions on this earth that you should care and take into consideration.
What is something youve struggled with

I’ve always struggled with saying no to people, however I don’t consider a bad thing. Yeah, it means that I can easily be pushed around or pushed over, but I will eventually know when to put my foot down
Do you think us as people can make a change the world

I’m sure we can, but it will take a huge amount working together for the same cause. And while doing this, getting even more people to follow the cause. Without support, anything will crumble. It will take a lot to fix or solve a problem in this world, but if you have a lot of support and people behind you, you can make an impact. Big or small, any positive impact is good


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