Amelie Interview 

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​Tell alittle bit about yourself?

I’m 16

I’m from Germany
What is your daily inspiration?

My huge inspiration is  my aim and Shawn. Cause one day I want to travel the whole world.

What is something you would change about the world?

My goal is that there is no war. No fight between countries. No children or adults who are in need of food or water. No one should fear famine. I also don’t want to hear that children are used to work for someone. Like in India. And another goal is that everyone has a right to go to school. It shouldn’t fail because of money. I don’t want to hear there are different “layers” of human (how much money you have)
What is a life lesson would give others

My message is: accept yourself. Go your own way. Travel your own journey. Don’t let people bring them down. And if you meet someone who needs your help thang go ahead and help him/her. Don’t be shy to make mistakes they let you grow.
What is something youve struggled with?

With my motivation. It is hard to keep it going when there are little things that make you going backwards. But this is how life works. After that step backwards it goes forward
Do you feel like we as people can make a difference in the world?

Yes. I guess. But just when we reach our limits for the same aim. We can’t do it when everybody wants to make a different step forward. You know what I mean?!

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