Jako Interview 

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Tell a little bit about yourself?

Well I’m a student majoring in Criminal Justice. I want to work for the federal government after I graduate. I like to basically talk and hang with friends, maybe and get drinks every once and a while. I’m very active and love to play football and tennis. Also my favorite hobby would be watching movies.
What was your inspiration to major in criminal justice bro?

Well I kinda liked the field as I grew up living and being raised by my single mom. I just always wanted to protect my family basically and I thought that major would be the best way possible
What is somethong you would change about the world?

Lol true. If I could I would try and change the racial differences. It makes me sick just thinking about people hating someone just because of their race or color.
What is a life lesson you would give others
A quote my my mentor Steve Harvey: “You are born on the cliff of life forever salt. But you won’t experience like to its fullest and be successful unless you jump off that cliff and open you gift( parachute ) that God gave you.
What is something you’ve struggled with?

Well back in high school I had a hard time accepting my self worth. I would always put myself down and doubt my every decision because I didn’t believe in myself enough to have that proper confidence
Last question

Do you feel like we can make a difference in the world and why?

Yea I do believe we can if only we could get a lot more people to see and think on the same page for the greater good.  I believe we as a human race can accomplish anything we put our minds to, it just takes a little time to completely get your outcome.

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