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Harley Interview 

Tell about yourself?

Umm… Well my friends say I can cheer someone up and I always make everyone feel better about them selves and People say I am the kind of person that no one hates them… Oh and if u didn’t know my name is Harley. And I love animals,,,, I like to go places and try new things… I am never afraid of anything except Clowns, Spiders, and Sharks😜… And I am going to meet my online friend that is from Alabama and we meet on Twitter and we have been friends for about a 1 years now.. And I LOVE going to concerts…. I think that is about it❤✌
What is your daily inspiraton?

My daily inspiration is these twins and their names are Julian & Jovani but they go by 99goonsuad ( @99_goonsquad )… I they always tweet positive things and every month they dm me asking how my month was and I feel and it makes me feel better it is hard to explain but they are just really special 2 me✌❤,,, and is it nice in Alabama??
What would you change about the world?
I would change all the child abuse and children who aren’t able to get an education and stop all the abuse in the world and I would have everyone treat each other with respect but they don’t have like them just be nice and be respectful to everyone,,, I know it sounds stupid but every day o get bullied by everyone and people who get called names or get made fun of and they laugh but inside they hurt and just want to cry their eyes out….. And no one deserves to feel like that.. And no one deserves to be abused no matter how hateful and mean they are.
What is something you wanna accomplish in life?

Anyway… I would like to finish school and go to collage and I want to flip houses for my job but b4 I do that I would like to have a job like something to do with beauty or animals for a couple of years and then start flipping houses.. And I want to do a lot, that it would take me forever just to put it down… That’s what I got so far. Not a lot but it is something😊

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!
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