Tell about yourself

I have a passion for music. The beat, the way it flows, rythme, the meaning behind the lyrics, every aspect of it

but right now i’m on the journey of figuring myself out

and i’m not quite sure what i could tell you right now
Whats your daily inspiration?

My daily inspiration is having the gift to wake up everyday and spreading ❤️
What something you would change about the world?

I believe that the only way the world would change is if people would become aware of their actions and what the say that negatively affects others & themselves. Then they’d get this desire to change, to become the best version of themselves.

So i don’t necessarily think i could do something to change the world entirely but every individual could

Spread love❤️
What is a life lesson you would give others?

You don’t always have to make a big deal out of a situation when you can sit back and analyze then continue to flow. Because everything happens for a reason, and from the moment on after self-reflecting, you’ve evolved. You become more aware. Not everything is necessarily bad
What is something you struggled with?

Happiness and self-love
Last question do you feel we can make a difference in the world?

I believe we can. But we all have to be willing to make the change.