Lace Interview 

​Tell about yourself?

I’m 16 years old I love to sing and perform places. Music is important to me and always has been since I was at a very young age. I’m a sophomore in High School and I love my friends and family.
What is your daily inspiration

What is something you would change about the world?

My daily inspiration would be to the be the happiest person I can be not only for myself but for others as well and something I would change about the world is all the negativity
What is your main goal you wanna accomplish in life?

To be successful with my music but also to just live a happy life and be content
What is a life lesson you would give others?

To never give up because you never know what opportunities you could be missing out on
What is something as human beings we lack at that you see is a problem in the world?

Something we lack is generosity and consideration for other
What motivates you everyday to be who you are today?

God , And the people who I hold close to my heart.
What is something you have struggled with in life?

Actually no worrying about the things that I can’t control

Some people aren’t good people and do you wrong .. Worrying about what other people think of you or what they’re gonna do next bad or good isn’t in your hands all you can do is pray.


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