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Josh Gonzales

Tell about yourself
What are your hobbies
What inspires you everyday
What are your future goals
What is something you admire
What is a struggle you have faced throughout life
What are some life lessons you can give to others
What does respect mean to you

What is something you think humans being should work on in their life’s you see is a problem today.
my name is Joshua Gonzales and I was pretty much born and raised in a small town called Gonzales Texas. I’m 18 years old and enlisted into the Marine Corps Delayed entry program right after my 18th birthday
my hobbies mostly include running, working out, hiking camping, almost anything to do with the outdoors, but I also like to game and watch Netflix every now and then.
The things that inspire me through my everyday life are people who went the extra mile to help others, which is why I think I felt the need to at least try to become a marine a lot of our culture includes people who have their all the ensure that other people came first. A few other people that inspire me are my parents my mom, stepdad and biological dad they all did what they had to do to support me and my sisters and make sure we were raised right .
My future goal is to be an 0321 Recon Marine and then eventually an 0372 CSO in the Marine corps so I can further my capacity to help people in foreign countries and be a diplomat as well as a CSO
I Admire people who are trailblazers people who aren’t afraid to try something completely different than what they’re used to, especially the ones that opened the door for future generations
A struggle I’ve faced ? Well that’s kinda difficult to explain I’ve never really seen situations as a struggle but more of a speed bump to kind of overcome and learn from. I guess a notable struggle would be having to lose about 40 or 50 pounds to be eligible to enlist in the delayed entry program.
I’d like to teach others to be more open minded and see the situation from the other persons point of view and understand where  their coming from there would be a whole lot lessUnrest in the world if people would try and understand rather than judge just because the other person has different beliefs
Respect I think I can break up into two different categories there is the kind of respect that people owe to one another as people such as not being rude and treating each other like adults and then there is the other kind which is earned to be a part of something specific both are incredibly important to me and both are how you can gauge a persons overall character and mindset.
I think humans should work on not politicizing everything and not see everything as such black and white. I think people are too ready to use something to further their agenda and reinforce their beliefs which doesn’t help the original problem because then it makes people who don’t necessarily hold the same beliefs feel like they’ve been attacked. I think politics should be kept away from tragedies such as rape, murder and stuff like that because it stalls progress and people pervert the cause to mold it to further their agenda

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