Tell about yourself
What are your hobbies
What inspires you everyday
What are your future goals
What is something you admire
What is a struggle you have faced throughout life
What are some life lessons you can give to others
What does respect mean to you

What is something you think humans being should work on in their life’s you see is a problem today.
What difference would you like to see in the world

1)I’m Dominick Johnson im 21 I work a full time job and stay by my self. I am Dominican. I have 2 sister and a brother.

2)I workout play football and run track.

3. What inspires me is the fact that I woke up another day and can go to work and support my self.

4) my future goals go to collage 2 years become a really well known personal trainer and own my own gym.get married have 3-4 kids

5) something I admire would have to be the capability to be fit fittness and exercise is very important to me!

6)something that’s a struggle that I’ve faced throughout my life would be people taking advantage of me and not caring after I have been looked out for them and had try backs!

8) life lesson to others look out for other people have a good heart but do too much because people will take advantage and make sure to put your self first. Don’t be too nice and let people take an advantage! Be there for the ones who love you. And look out for you!

9) I think people should work on respect start respecting other!

10) a change I want to see is specifically the way police treat the Hispanics and blacks especially!