Krystle Interview

Tell about yourself

What are your hobbies

What inspires you everyday

What are your future goals

What is something you admire

What is a struggle you have faced throughout life

What are some life lessons you can give to others

What does respect mean to you

What is something you think humans being should work on in their life’s you see is a problem today

My name is Krystle I’m a single mom of 4 children …I work two jobs.¬† For the last couple of years I was living unstable due to unfortunate circumstances I was a victim of domestic violence for years but God brought me through all of that…

My hobbies are traveling doing things with my children scrap booking participating in activities within my church

My inspiration comes from my struggle and my children . Going through everything I did growing up and even in my adult life makes me wanna give back and do more and go hard.¬† My kids will never have to know the struggle because I make it my business to see they don’t go without anything.

My future goals include working in Forensics one day and buying a house and getting married starting up a foundation for homeless woman and children and women of abuse

I admire God he really brought me through a lot of struggles when I was at rock bottom he never left me

The hardest struggle for me was growing up in Foster care and being homeless with my children..

Some life lessons that I can give to others would be reaching out for help and never giving up I never let the domestic violence or homelessness define who I am today… BE HUMBLE… somebody else is fighting a harder battle… Use every mistake as an opportunity to grow and get better… TRUST God… He will always make a way

Respect to me is as simple as some one holding the door for you or please and thank you.. Respect is treating people like all lives matter

Some things I think human beings should work on is the way people treat each other and realizing we all bleed the same color blood… It’s so much hate and favoritism in this world we need to come together and realize All Lives Matter and teach our children so they do not become another statistic


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  1. September 29, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    Hi there my name is Olivia, I’m married and have 1 son who is currently in the Army. I run a small housekeeping service for over 20 years, I just graduated with my Bachelors in August. I was a teen mom so I went back to school to show my son that nothing can stop you.
    My hobbies are crafting and fixing my hair
    What inspires me everyday is my son, just want him to see me as strong.
    My future goals are up in the air, I want to stay self-employed and work from home.
    Something I admire are Boss Chicks who handle business with children and all.
    My struggle I’m facing is now, I deal with clinical depression and it has seem to take over my life.
    Life lessons, please don’t depend on anyone, be the best you, and never let people kill your dreams
    Respect is due to a dog and I show it to everyone, regardless your gender, color or race
    Human beings need to work on how to lift each other up, especially in the black community we spend to much time competing against each other.
    Thank you for sharing look forward to more conversations with you!

    • September 30, 2016 at 3:36 am

      Hey Olivia would you like me to make your interview public

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