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‘I’m Brian Waryck, I’m from western Pennsylvania but now live in Texas for college. I go to Baylor studying Business with minor in Religion’.


1. Tell about yourself

2. What are you passionate about

3. What do you plan in the future

4. Describe a typical day

5. What does respect mean to you

6. What is something you would change in the world

7. Hobbies?

8. What is something you truly admire

9.  What is your Perspective view of the world?

10. Do you have any questions for me

1. Well, I’m Brian Waryck, I’m from western Pennsylvania but now live in Texas for college. I go to Baylor studying Business with minor in Religion.

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Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!

2. I’m really passionate about people. I am always wanting to talk to people and help them. When I ask people questions I ask because I genuinely want to know, not just to fill the silence. I think a lot of people don’t do that anymore and don’t actually care what someone is all about, and it’s actually made everyone more isolated and less likely to ask for help when it’s right there in front of them.

3. I don’t know what I plan. God has control but i think destinies aren’t set in stone. I think something with Africa and this great school of Baylor that I go to right now. I think both are so extremely important to me that they have to be a part of it in some way but I don’t know in what way yet.

4. Well my typical day starts with me feeding bears (North American Black Bears) then going to classes in the morning. After that I have a bit of a break, then I always have Swahili. It’s my favorite class. After that I kinda just hang out maybe study a bit and try to see if anyone wants to hang out. Typically no one does but that’s ok.

5. Respect to me means being able to look someone dead in the eye and telling them what you think or believe comparatively to what they think or believe but still have love in your eyes for that person. Even if you don’t agree with that person you still are able to love them the way God intended you too and give your all.

6. If I could change one thing, it would be to remove the feeling of isolation most people have. The poor are isolated from the rich. The rich are isolated between each other by different social ques and so on and so forth. Socially, this is why we get nothing done because we isolate each other and don’t listen. We feel like no one cares about us so we just just want to give up or commit violence to get noticed. I think removing these barriers would be great for society.

 7. I honestly love to do anything with my friends. No matter what it is. Probably that’s my biggest hobby but another would be caring for our two bears at Baylor.

8. I truly admire all poetry from sonnets to rap. I think the ability to bend words and meanings to your own unique meaning is so powerful and yet so hard to visual understand. You want to picture a poem but typically it’s so abstract that you can’t. It just leaves you in deep thought. I love that.

9. I believe that the world is beautiful but cruel. God created it so its got to be good in origin but we have become slaves to darkness through Adam and Eve. I think there is dark things in this world and horrifyingly dreadful schemes but at the same time those we call  ‘monsters’ also were created by My Father so I have to be just as bad because they are just as beautiful as me. Does that make sense?

10. What’s your idea here? What made you start? Where’d this begin? How bigs your company?

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!
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