‘I am Haylee, a 19 year old woman, I have lived in Ohio all of my life. I’m in school to be come an aesthetician and I work part time at a make store called Ulta Beauty. I am also a Christian’.

1. Tell about yourself

I am Haylee, a 19 year old woman, I have lived in Ohio all of my life. I’m in school to be come an aesthetician and I work part time at a make store called Ulta Beauty. I am also a Christian.
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2. What are you passionate about

I’m passionate about music, I love singing. I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old. I would love to make a career out of it but there is not much you can do in Ohio with a singing career. I also have a passion for beauty, inside and out. I love doing makeup but It’s important to me that woman and men know that no matter what you think you need to alter on the outside isn’t as important as what is on the inside. 

3. What do you plan in the future

I plan on working until I’m able to move to a bigger city, I want to do something big someday. I’m not exactly sure what my purpose is but I know that it will be big and important.

4. Describe a typical day

Well 3 days a week I’m in school learning new things or working on clients from9am till 8pm. It’s a long day but I’m almost done so it’s worth it! Other days I work, not terribly long shifts but it’s a lot of work crammed into a 5 hour shift.

5. What does respect mean to you?

Respect should always be there, I respect everyone unless they give me a good reason not too. I think respect is important and there is very little in this world. I may not like you but I more than likely respect you. Also to me it means you see me as an equal, we may have different levels of responsibilities but you will treat me as you want to treated.

6. What is something you would change in the world?

Just the way we treat each other, like all of the racism that is going on. I can not and will not choose a side to all these movements because at the end of the day we all matter. Not just black lives, not just police lives, not just Mexican lives, etc.. every life matters. But as Americans we are selfish, we are the type of country where we have a hidden motto of “every man for themselves”. That has to end, we need to come together as one and protect each other like family. We may not be able to make peace with other countries but we sure need to be on the same page.

7. Hobbies?

As I mentioned earlier I enjoy music, seeing movies, hanging out with friends and family, I love volleyball, walking around, road trips, and just laughing. 

8. What is something you truly admire

I admire my parents, sounds cheesy but I wouldn’t  be where I am today without them. They all teach me very different yet important things My dad is a firemen and an EMT. That seems like a hard job to me and I’m probably way to emotional for it, he saves lives all the time and that means something to me. It taught me to never be selfish. My mom she loves a lot and sometimes too much but I can’t complain she works hard and has met a lot of her goals and I need that influence in my life. She taught me that meeting my goals isn’t impossible. My step mom is the most kind hearted person ever, she will drop everything to help you and she portrays Jesus in everything she does. She is teaching me that being kind and loving to everyone is the most important thing in life. Then my step dad, he is now exploring new paths and learning new things. Going back to school for something completely different then what he does now as a mechanic. He’s teaching me it’s never to late to find happiness in work.

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9.  What is your Perspective view of the world?

It’s a beautiful, misunderstood, chaotic place where people are trying to find where they fit in.

10. Do you have any questions for me?

What goals do you have for this and what kind of outcome are you hoping for?

Thank you for this opportunity to be heard!

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