Tyler Interview 

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1. Tell about yourself
2. What are you passionate about
3. What do you plan in the future
4. Describe a typical day
5. What does respect mean to you
6. What is something you would change in the world
7. Hobbies?
8. What is something you truly admire
9.  What is your Perspective view of the world?
10. Do you have any questions for me

1 I’m a humble person and passionate but I have my ways I’m a person that want everyone to work together and progress there self through there journeys I’m 21 years old and resign in Virginia beach Va

2 Im passionate about others working together how it should be and just bless to take a breath every day knowing I’m able to See the world

3 well my dream job is to be chief but we have back up plans photography is second 3 is Ems 4 is being a helper for special needs kids

4 Typical Day is Knowing I can Breath and see The sun and Enjoy things Around Me

5Man Respect is Not Just a Word But It actions this is a Big one i see Respect as you gotta have respecy for others and even for your self the way you dress can have a Queen Dress Like College Party You Need To Have Respect For your Attire not just for you and others and Respect means Alot I Ask Is Never lie To me Keep it 100 good or bad I rather here the truth then just lie

6 Something to Change the World If The Violence Will Stop And We Can All Be Together as A Family Thro Cops shooting Innocent People for A Color They See The world we live in Isn’t How it Suppose to Be

7 Hobbies Photography and Just Being There for Others

8 something I truly admire is My Beliefs How I Feel and Do Things

9 what is my perspective of the world it like a rubix cube you twist it where these days it never right it fuck up and it just never will really be the same until the end when you put the pieces together

10 my Questions is How did you start this group What Made You decide to Interview People How do you See this For you In The Future And does People  Acknowledge That Your Trying To Help Others

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