Kenzie Interview 

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1. Tell about yourself
2. What are you passionate about
3. What do you plan in the future
4. Describe a typical day
5. What does respect mean to you
6. What is something you would change in the world
7. Hobbies?
8. What is something you truly admire
9.  What is your Perspective view of the world?
10. Do you have any questions for me

1. I have been through hell and back. I suffer from several mental illnesses including PTSD. But it doesn’t define me. I love the outdoors and hanging out with friends.

2.I’m passionate about helping other get through what I went through and spreading positivity.

3. In the future, I plan to finish college and get my degree, be successful in my career, move away to where I’ve always wanted to go, get married and have kids.

4. My typical day is doing homework or studying. I’m very passionate about learning and working towards my future.

5. Respect means everything. Spreading kindness and positivity, being there for someone instead of putting them down. Helping someone learn right from wrong instead of scolding them.

6. If I could, I would make sure bullies didn’t exist. I would make sure everyone respected each other and everyone was kind.

7. Anything outdoors whether it’s sports, games or activities. I also love video games and listening to music.

8. I truly admire my mother. She has had to deal with me at my lowest and worst health and she is the one who save my life.

9. My perspective of the world, is that it has a lot of potential. Society has potential.

10. What made you decide to make this site? What are you passionate about?

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