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1. Tell me about yourself

2. What are you truly passionate about

3. What do you admire

4. What is true love to you

5. What is your persepective view of the world

6. What are your goals in life

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years

8. What are your strengths and weaknesses

9. Who inspires you if you have an inspiration

10 . What is something you would change in the world

11. What is the biggest accomplisment you’ve had

12. Describe a typical day for you

13. Do you have any questions for me

my name is Revé and im 17 years old. i live in indiana but im from california, i moved here when i was 6. growing up in my family was really tough, my father is very abusive and my sister was as well. i think growing up with hardship has made me a strong person. im passionate about writing and art, i love poetry so much. writing is one of the things that has helped me through the abuse. i have a whole journal full of my own writing and its one of things that is most important to me. id really love to be a writer and publish my own poetry books when im older. i admire my mother for the amount of strength she has had through her lifetime. she’s been through a lot of tough things in life and she’s taken every single bit of it and made it into something she can grow from. True love to me is kinda like when youre up all night talking to someone and you dont want to go to sleep because you dont wanna be without them for that while youre not awake. for me, i know i love my girlfriend because i have really bad anxiety issues but when she’s with me or even just texting me, it soothes me. my heart calms. i think the world is a beautiful place, there’s a lot of hurt and anger but i believe that humans, in nature, are generally good. i think there are influences that take place that make people bad. my goals in life are to be able to do well in my career so i can take care of my mom. she deserves the world. in 5 years i see myself living in the city, spending my time writing. hopefully I’ll have my dog, Moose. its kinda hard to picture my strengths. i think i have a genuinely good heart, which i guess can be a weakness too because ive been used and taken advantage of a lot by others. im really patient, i love helping other people and making others laugh and feel comfortable. i think some of my weaknesses is that i can be really shy, my anxiety i think is a big weakness for me. being around a lot of people can freak me out & its hard for me to open up around others. people and even animals that have overcome hardship inspires me that i can be strong through the hard times. i wish people were more accepting in this world, people are so hateful towards others just because of their race, gender, sexuality, or religion. one of my biggest accomplishments would probably be not giving up when i really wanted to. a typical day for me would be; i wake up and text my girlfriend good morning, shower, makeup, do my schoolwork at the library(im in onlne school) hangout with friends. thats kinda it. my life isnt that exciting but i guess thats something i should be grateful for; i dont have to worry about much like a lot of people in other countries do.

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