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Kelsey Woods 

1. Tell a bit about yourself

2. What are your hobbies

3. What do you plan for the future

4. What do you think the true meaning of love means to you

5. Whats your biggest accomplishment

6. What is your perspective view of the world

7. What is one thing you’ve struggled with

8. What is your daily motivation everyday

9. What do you enjoy about your life

10. Do you have any questions for me

1. My name is Kelsey Woods. I am 18 years old and live in a small town called Decatur, Tennessee. I am a laid back go-getter who just enjoys the simple things in life. I love to explore this beautiful earth and capture the moments that sometimes get overlooked. I also plan on attending Lee University this coming Fall to study Business Management.

2. I enjoy capturing life’s moments whether it be through writing, videoing, or photographing and sharing/ hearing people’s stories. My friend and I started our own business selling handmade jewelry and decor so making things is a hobby that’s near and dear to my heart. I also love doing anything and everything outdoors.

3. I envision my future as being very spontaneous. I want to still be young at heart along with growing and maturing with my husband and family that I will have. I expect my business to flourish and allow me to run it as a full time job. Once I have graduated from Lee University with a degree in business, I can only hope and dream that I can one day have my own business. 

4. When I think of the word love I think of the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ. I am a christian therefore I believe in worldly love and Godly love. Worldly love is only temporary and it fails us constantly, but Godly is everlasting. He shows us his love through action therefore I think that is the most powerful way to show/ give love. Love is opening up the door for your girlfriend or uplifting or boyfriend when he’s down. It’s smiling at a random person on the street. Love is when you have a desire to do everything you can to keep others happy. Love is a decision not an emotion. It is so powerful that we can’t even comprehend it. Love is shown through our actions and I think we forget that sometimes.

5. My biggest accomplishment is receiving the  Best All Around award my senior year of high school. The award is given to the-like I said- best all around student. It ties in academics, athletics, and personality. Once my name was called, I couldn’t help but burst out into tears. It was truly a moment of joyfulness for me and I will forever cherish that award.

6. I’ve always been a glass-half-full kind of gal. I visualize the world as this beautiful piece of artwork that is just waiting to be explored. I think society has brainwashed us to only see the bad parts of the world. We sometimes forget that we all have one thing in common: the world. If we don’t realize that simple fact, then we are headed down a dark path. There are plants and animals that have been here longer than humans have yet us humans think we still run the show. Once we realize that it’s possible to live in unison then we can ultimately enjoy the world and all it has to offer. Through different geological figures and rich history, this world has to many tiny details that are just simply mind-blowing. It’s okay to slow dow for a minute and just enjoy the great outdoors. Once we connect with the world, we can connect with each other.

7. Since my sophomore year of high school, I have struggled with depression. I didn’t get help until my senior year and can honestly say that mental illness is a serious issue. Throughout the years, I had this little cloud of sadness and worry. I didn’t think much of it because I had a lot going on. I was told that it’s normal to feel a little sad. I’m a girl so it’s a normal side effect of my “lady time.” I had hypersomnia so it was a normal side effect of my sleep disorder. Everyone around me just brushed it off their shoulders so I did too. At least I tried. I would sit in my room in complete darkness and stare at a blank wall. I couldn’t feel. I had no emotions whatsoever. I didn’t even feel sad, I just felt numb. I would miss out on doing fun things with my friends and I missed out on important dates like picture day at school or the 4th of July. I got anxiety every time I thought of something I couldn’t comprehend. The anxiety would lead to panic attacks that forced me to leave the classroom with tears flooding my eyes, but that was normal. It was all just normal. Lots of people go through anxiety and depression especially during their teenage years, but so what? If there is counseling and medicine out their why are we offering it loud and clear? Why do people think it’s cool and hip to be depressed? Depression ultimately leads to suicide so why aren’t we scrambling to help? It’s because depression can’t be understood unless it touches us personally. I’ve always rolled my eyes at people at school that act sad when in reality they aren’t acting. Most people are too embarrassed to tell anybody about their mental health because they are told that it’s “just normal.” Depression is a real thing, normal or not. Mental illness is a real thing. It’s time that people know that these things are normal and that’s okay. There is always an outlet with suicide not being one of them.
8. My motivation comes from my family. My mom and dad have always worked every day to keep my older brother, little sister, and I happy and healthy. They are the most selfless people I know so I wake up every day inspired to try to give back to the world what they have given me.

9. I cannot complain a single bit about my life. I enjoy the spontaneity of it. Taking random road trips with my friends. Hiking to swim in waterfalls and seeing overlooks. Taking photos and videos of people that are genuinely happy. Going to different countries and learning about different cultures. I enjoy just letting go of all worries and doubts and finding inner happiness. God gave me two feet that can walk and two hands that can serve so I wake up every day with the choice of choosing to be happy and seeing every moment as an opportunity to make others happy or choose to be mad at the world and let it tear me down. The obvious choice is to just be happy.

10. What made you want to start this movement?

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!
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