Taegan Sewell Interview 

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1. Tell me about yourself

I’m a senior cheerleader and I love old people and dogs 

2. What are you truly passionate about

cheer and Jesus 

3. What do you admire

kind people 

4. What is true love to you

someone who will never give up and be loyal 

5. What is your persepective view of the world

as of right now it is disgusting and horrible 

6. What are your goals in life

to make money and support my family with every need 

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years

in college 

8. What are your strengths and weaknesses

strengths: good at giving advice, strong, idc

weaknesses: low self esteem, emotional, i have high hopes 

9. Who inspires you if you have an inspiration

my mom 

10. Hobbies?

cheer and working out 

11. Favorite Music


12 . Do you have any questions for me


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