Holland Currie Interview 

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1. Tell abit about yourself

I’m a shy person but once I get to know someone I open up and become silly and wild. Sports are basically my life. I’m a senior ini high school so the pressure is on for college. I’m the firend that helps keep the peace but can also get a temper. I have two sisters and a brother.

2. What are your hobbies

This is easy, it’s volleyball, I’ve played for six going on seven years and a newfound intrest in soccer. I love to color, that may seem a bit immature for a 17 year old but its soothing. Also my firend that I hang out with almost every weekend she’s basically a sister.

3. What do you plan for the future

After high school I plan on going to college, hopefully UNC Pembroke for undergrade and grad to study and become a case worker for the court. I want to help kids in bad homes get help and into a place where they would better be taken care of.

4. What is something you admire

The stars, they just amaze me about how big the universe is and sometimes I just lay down and look  at them. Also I admire Taylor Swift because she tries to help empower young women to believe that no matter what anyone tells them that they can achieve their dreams.

5. What does true love mean to you

True love is taking someone else’s burdens and helping them fight through them. True love is fighting through tough times so you can stay with that person. True love is accepting each others falws. True love is loyalty, faithfulness, and trust.

6. What is your perspective view on the world

My perspective of the world is that there is so much to see and do but, in our lifetimes, their is too little time to do it all. I think that we should do everything we should to make the world better and more positive and we should help others even if others don’t see.

7. What do you enjoy about life

I enjoy that life gives us the opportunity to make mistakes then a second chance to fix that mistake. I enjoy that we have time to travel and see new things and meet new people. I enjoy that we make friends that could last forever or just a school year.

8. What is something youve struggled with in life

This is something I don’t usually tell but I have always had epilepdy which makes eveyday tasks harder for me. When I’m in school I may miss a few important second of information or when I’m on the court or field I may cost the team a point becasue I’m not able to be in the moment.

9. Is there anything you would like to tell the world i didnt mention

I’d just like to say to anybody struggling with any disabilities that they shouldn’t let that stop them from anything, play the sport you love, join a club, don’t let it hold you back.. And to anybody with eating problems it gets better you are perfect the way you are and if you want to lose weight don’t starve yourself, or make yourself throw up go to the gym bring a friend if it makes you uncomfortable you’ll find it’s actually fun to work out and maintain a healthy weight plus have a little muscle. Finally, to everybody go, do want you want to do, follow your dreams you only have a limited ammount of time on the earth so be crazy, be silly, be adventrous, be you.

10. Do you have any questions for me


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