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Halie Interview 

1. Tell about yourself

1. I’m just Halie, I’m a young girl with an old soul. I like to paint and sing. I’m a Christian not to be confused with hypocrite. I’m a avid photographer and I love to read.
2. What are you very passionate about

2. Im passionate about seeing the world through a different set of eyes every day that I might have the chance to. I wanna walk in a different pair of shoes on a different walk of life everyday.
3. What’s your biggest accomplishment

3. My biggest accomplishment is being myself in a world where being yourself is Taboo.
4. Describe a typical day

4. A typical day? I’m not typical so I couldn’t tell you.
5. What would be a perfect day to you

5. A perfect day for me would be a day like today. 🙂 I try to find the good in everyday.
6. What do you plan for the future

6. I wanna inspire people, I wanna make sure that every person I come in contact with you is a little happier than they were before we met. I wanna paint a smile on the world.
7. What are your hobbies

7. Oh this one is easy, I love reading and spending time with my bestfriend, he has an old soul to, I enjoy shopping for vinyls and watering my cactus 😂 while listening to music. 😊
8.what is your perspective view on the world

8. My perspective of the world? I think that the world too often is seen in black and white. I think if everyone opened their eyes and saw a little color for once it might not be such a dull place to live.
9. What’s on thing you could have right now

9. If I could have one thing right now I’d have bubble tea 😂
10. Do you have any questions for me

10. And I can’t think of any 😂

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!
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