Macie West Interview

1. Tell a bit about yourself? I’m 13 and I am going to be a freshman in high school.

2. What are you passionate about? I am very passionate about my faith, my family and my softball career. 

3. What is your perspective view on the world? The world is beautiful but is wicked and cruel at the same time. I think that all people: white, black, yellow, or any color should be treated the same and equal no matter what. 

4. What do plan for the future? I plan to go to college and get a degree in athletic training at the University of West Alabama. Then after that get settled down and have kids with the love of my life. 

5. What something in your life you struggled with? I struggle with self harm and my self confidence. I have had people in my life to put me down and tell me I’m not beautiful and they never loved me.

6. Describe a typical day? During the school year I wake up, get dressed and go to school. Usually after school I participate in softball practice. During the summer, I usually get up when my mom leaves and lock the door and get ready for the day. I usually clean the house and visit my grandparents next door.

7. What are your hobbies? I play a lot of softball year round but I also love listening to music. Music just takes me to another world and distracts me. 

8. What do you think true love means? I believe true loves means that your partner wpuld do absolutely anything for you. True love means when they look at you they see forever. True love means that they respect and encourage you do follow your dreams.

9. Do you have any questions for me? No I do not, thank you for asking me to do this!!


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