Thank you!! 1. I’m 16 years old and I’m a Junior in High School.
2. I cheerlead for my school. I’m a member of Future Business Leaders of America, BETA club, Student Council, Drug free club, and I’m class president.
3. During the school year I, of course, go to school and then if I have practice or a game I’ll do that. Studies and homework is a priority as well.
4. I see the world in two ways: beautiful but also crooked. Life has so much to offer but on the other hand there are so many bad things and people in this world only taring it down.
5. I’m only in high school at the moment but I do plan on going to The University of Kentucky and majoring in Psychology and teaching. This past week I was at a University for a leadership conference.
6. Hopefully I will be graduated from college with a degree in something mom truly passionate about. I also hope to have a great job that I adore.
7. My biggest accomplishment would be accepting Jesus as my savior.
8. I’m very passionate about Jesus and making this world a better place. My heart loves to serve others and be a vessel. I want to teach others the word of God and also doing good things for this world. I want to make a difference.
9. I love to empower others. I also love to watch my brothers play football. I’m a girl but I love love love football!!
10. I feel as if I have the strength in uplifting others and being nice to everyone. My weakness would have to be judgment. I wish I wasn’t this way but bc I sin I judge people and this is something I’m working on bettering for myself.
11. I honesty don’t know how to put it. I just feel as if this world is corrupt. I don’t understand why people are walking into schools, clubs, planned parenthood, convent centers, movie theaters, etc. and shooting innocent people. I will never understand. Is it ISIS? Is it depressed people? I will never know. All I know is that it is truly A godless society. I want to spread the gospel. Guns aren’t the problem, it’s the people.
12. Everything. I range anywhere from Carrie underwood to Kevin Gates so ya know. Lol
13. My influences would be God, my school, my family, and the people I surround myself with.
14. “I don’t know what my future holds but I do know who holds my future.” -Tim Tebow. I have no clue. I of course stated above my plans but I have no clue what even tomorrow brings. I hope I change this world for the better but it’s up to Jesus.
15. I have a couple.
Is this going to be posted anywhere?
What exactly is this for?
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