1. Tell a bit about yourself

2. I see your a actor and model tell me more about that?

3. What was your motivation to start doing those things

4. How many movies or shows you played in?

5. What genre of movies interest you?

6. What’s your biggest accomplishment?
7. What are you very passionate about?

8. Describe a typical day for you?

9. What advice would you give to others who want to follow in your footsteps?

10. Do you have any questions for me?

1. Samuel Ajibola is an Actor,a Model and an Event Compere or Master of Ceremony,depending on which one you prefer..lol..first Child of a family of 4 children.i grew up and still stay in surulere,Lagos.I’m a graduate of the University of Lagos with a B.sc in Political science.i love working out,smimming on a hot day,studying films and being Enlightened.I’m also very ambitious,I want to be the very best at anything I do,and i’m really a jovial and happy being.i have a beautiful perception of the Concept of Life and have a thing for inner Peace.

2. The modelling career just started not too long and i’m looking at exploring it,and by modelling I don’t mean runway..lol..i’m more of a picture and tv commercial Model.The Acting career started a long while when I was like 6 or 7 years and it wasn’t like I went looking for it,i kinda like to say that I stumbled into it but when I see the milestones in which I have acheived with i,i tell myself that I was destined for it.
3.The motivation to start acting started off in church when I was called to play the role of samuel in a play.i was still young and just having fun but then my aunt discovered the potentials in me and took it up by taking me to a film maker who coincidentally needed someone like me in his Movie and that’s how the ball started rolling.the motivation to be a model come of the fact that I wanted to find myself doing other things appart from acting.
4. I’ve featured in about 15 Films from inception.some of the prominent ones are Tears for love,without love,Onome 2,Conspiracy,Day of Reckoning,Last flight to Abuja e.t.c. I’ve also featured in a couple of tv dramas like keeping it real, shuga, but most prominently “The johnsons” in which I play the character Spiff.
5. I watch all kinds of movies but over the years i’ve picked up a particular thing for Drama. I feel that is where you can experience acting in its real form as genre’s like action can shade the essence of acting with intresting combat.for acting tho,i’m intresting in doing anything other than comedy.i think i’ve had my fill with comedy..lol
6. My biggest accomplishment is the fact that i’ve been able to use my God given talent to make milions of people all over the world laugh and be happy.i get a lot of messages from people telling me that watching me on tv is the best part of their day because it takes a way the stress of work they’ve suffered during the day.someone has gone as far as telling me that i’m the only reason he watches tv.it might seem nothing to a lot of people but to me,i think that’s the height of accomplishment for me so far.
7. Honestly,i’m very passionate about anything to has to do with Film making.be it acting,or watching behind the scenes,or studying a character in a movie,just anything to has to do with the field. Asides that,i’m also passionate about music.I’ve been playing the piano,drumset and recorder since primary school and I don’t think i’ll stop loving that anytime soon.
8. I wake up, I pray,do a bit of some exercise,take a bath and head to work.Then I have breakfast and prepare for the schedule of the day’s shoot.by night I get home,talk and keep up with the family and then prepare for the next day.sometimes It can be boring tho
9. Dont let fame becloud your judgement about you wanting to be an actor.A lot of people these days want to be actors because they want to be rich and popular,it doesn’t exactly happen like that.Youve got be sure that you have the talent and not just be wasting your time trying to be a star when you were made for something else.But if you are sure that you are made for this,then i’d advice you study intensely and work on perfecting your craft.There are thousands of actors these days but only the distinguishly different ones are triving.So good luck!