1. Tell a bit about yourself

2. What are the things you like to do

3. What are your hobbies?

4. What’s the most amazing accomplishment you’ve ever achieved

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

6. Where do you see yourself in the future

7. Describe a typical day?

8. What do you plan for the rest of 2016

9. Do you have any questions for me

1. My name is Molly McGevna. I’m 16 years old and a junior in high school. I grew up in New York, and than moved to North Carolina when I was 8. I played soccer for 9 years and it was a really big part of my life. Now I’m really into photography, and have even started my own little business. I value family and friends a lot.

2. I love being outside, and making spontaneous moves. I enjoy photographing people. I love shopping, lol. But overall I like just being around people and talking, we don’t have to be doing much for me to be entertained. 

3. My hobbies I would say are photography, journaling, I don’t know I really do a lot of random things. If helping people is considered a hobby I do that a lot or as much as I can.

4. My most amazing accomplishment in my eyes is the day I decided to love myself. It’s weird I kind of remember the exact moment I decided to let go of people’s opinions and stop caring, all because I saw a tumblr post about loving yourself and how beneficial it is to obtaining happiness. That love have for myself is always what carries me through my hardest times, I always have to do it for me. So I would say that is most amazing accomplishment.

5. Strengths: I’m able to feel for people on a whole different level, I can notice when people are hurting but trying to hide it. I’m very compassionate and driven when it comes to the things I love.

Weakness: sometime I forget about myself, and helping myself. I try to help others to much, that I loose a little bit of me in that. I care to much.

6. In the future, I see myself helping others. Using my pain and experiences to enlighten others that things do and will get better. No matter how dark it gets, little bits of light will shine through. I’d love to obtain a career in psychology and use that to open up my own practice (or whatever you’d like to call it), where teens can come to express themselves in a safe and effective way. Shedding light on mental illness in teens, it would be a place where you would not only receive help but gift it to others to. Essentially everyone using their pain and experiences to help others. It’s not easy being a teens these days, I’d love to make it easier for them.

7. A typical day I go to school, and try to stay focused. And than usually I come home and go to work or spend time with friends after school. It really varies daily, I don’t like having a set routine everyday. 

8. For the rest of 2016, I plan on focusing on recovery. Depression is very present in life, and I’m working extremely hard every day to manage it. I’m working towards finding the old me, because I’ve lost parts of her. I always working toward shedding light on mental illness, and how serious it actually is. I’m encouraging people to reach out and share their stories and not be afraid to say I need help. Every day the ultimate goal is to spread love and kindness, in a world that has seemed to lost the value in that.


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