Haylee Sherrill Interview

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1. im haylee. i grew up in seattle, wa. im 16 years old, and i have been a barista for almost a year and a half now. and I try to be involved in both crossfit and hot yoga.

2. yes, I do crossfit. for those who don’t know what this is, it is a high intensity cardio and weightlifting training. is it difficult at times? very, I actually just got back from an injury that put me out for four months. I ruptured my entire abdomen tearing the two main muscles down my stomach and pulling any other smaller muscles that didn’t get torn. I was completely unable to engage my stomach muscles or sit up. I continued attending crossfit after my stomach had started healing but I
was forced to take a break by my doctor and family, due to discovering a abdominal hernia from lifting with the stomach injury. I’m back now, doing great. I just finished a 10 week lean paleo type diet, and participated in several crossfit workouts, without pain or return of injury.

3. my motivation for what I’m doing in my life would have to revolve around my relationship with my family, and with God. they’ve gotten me through things that I’m that I’m certain I couldn’t do with them. also a big factor has been meditation yoga, it never fails to set my mind straight.

4. i think that I’ve had a lot of influences in my life affecting me now. looking back on my childhood, I believe that my little brother had one of the biggest influences on me. When I was five, we adopted my four year old brother, yeabsira, from ethiopia. i learned to accept change in my life  and learned to love someone who I barely knew faster than I thought someone could ever learn to love anyone. he didn’t speak english, and he didn’t know much of how to communicate. but he was my brother and to me there was no difference between him and my two sisters relationships with me. and I think this caused me to learn very early how I wanted to be judged, and how I would judge people.

5. a typical day for me would be driving my siblings and I to school. then after school, I would most likely either go to work, or to a friends house. and later that night I would go to crossfit, yoga, or to visit my older sister, my fav person.

6. that’s a hard one.

7. goals? probably just to have a family and a house with someone that I love. and to have enough a crazy jokes and laughs with the people I love to last me a lifetime. and to live somewhere warm, with sand and water a walk away from my house.

8. i think that in 5-10 years, I hope to see myself as an pediatric oncology nurse, treating and administering treatment to children and teenagers with cancer and other chemo or radiation required conditions, and starting a happy little family. in a cute little house.

9. for the rest of 2016 I plan to just do what makes me happy and focus more on myself. I want to finish my last year at the high school in june so that I am able to do my classes at the college in september and begin the pre nursing program and learn of things that I take interest in.

10. no questions, thanks for letting me share with you.

haylee sherrill

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