Charlene Nash Interview

1.    Tell a bit about yourself?
My name is Charlene Nash, I’m from Toronto, Canada, I’m a Christian, I’m an artist, and I love having fun!

2. I noticed your a song writer out of Canada, tell me how is that going?

It’s going well. I know Canada is different from America in a lot of ways in terms of culture, numbers and opportunities, but because, I don’t think there is a lot of people out here doing what I do, so it’s great cause I stand, or would like to believe that lol.

3. What was your motivation to making music?

Motivation for making music was really just my passion meeting my purpose. I love making music as I send before. I’ve always love to sing, when I got older I started songwriting and realized I loved that too, then started recording and realized I just loved the art of creating a song. It felt super fulfilling to me. So I knew it was definitely my passion. In terms of my purpose. I grew up in a Christian home, after high school I knew I wanted to live that good life, which is a life pleasing to God, so I started my journey there. But growing up my favourite artist were Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara, you know the typical female pop stars. Although they make great music, I knew it wasn’t promoting the things that I stood for in my life or just positivity on a whole, but that style of music was the type of music I liked. So I felt compelled to make music that was pleasing to God, promoting positivity, and hope for our culture. Music is sooo influential    , so to not make pointing people to the God that unconditionally loves us feels like a crime! Lol honestly.

4. Was there any struggles you had?

Plenty of struggles. Man this industry, as new as I am to it, is a tough one. In a nut shell, people make promises they don’t keep, say things they don’t mean, and you would expect people around you to be constantly helping and supporting you and that’s not the case, and that can be pretty saddening at times. For my personally, as like a urban pop/rnb hip-hop type artist, a lot of people don’t understand my genre, so it’s hard to find producers and people in general that get the vision. Super hard. So that was a big struggle for me. Also, I struggle with social anxiety, if you don’t know what that is, I encourage you to look it up! Get educated. But anyways, being and artist and having social anxiety is just a cherry on top of the struggle cake of performances, networking and all that good stuff. God has really been faithful in carrying me through, cause Lord knows I felt like giving up several times, so it’s crazy that I’m still here. I’m grateful, and am convinced it is my purpose.

5.What genre of music do you enjoy?

I love urban and contemporary pop music, those are probably my favourite. Then after that, probably rnb and hip-hip.

6. What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever accomplished?

The biggest thing I ever accomplished was probably my last EP. It’s not easy, so I am happy to have been able to complete it.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I never liked bag question lol only because I am super open to where God takes me on life, so I feel like when I say where I see myself, I’m limiting myself. But I would love to be doing music full time for a simple answer.

8. What do you plan for the rest of 2016?

2016 should be an exciting year. I dropping a new project within the next 2 months. So I’m excited about that, and going on tour with a fellow artist in the city named Meezy Musik for his album release so that’s exciting as well.

9. What type of artist would you like to play on a track with?

I would love to collaborate with a great songwriter like Sia, dope producer like Noah Shabib (40) or Diplo, a rapper like Kendrick Lamar or NF, and get in the studio with a good vocal producer/ engineer like Kuk Harrell who does a lot of work with Rihanna and Justin Beiber.

10. Do you have any questions for me?

I love a lot of question for you lol not really, but just wanted to know when this will be posted and encourage you that this is a great thing that you are doing, so thank you for giving me and other artist a platform to speak our hearts!

Let me know if you need anything else!


Charlene Nash



Skyler Hunter Interview


Thanks so much,

Skyler Hunter

  1. Tell a bit about yourself


My name is Skyler Hunter, I am a junior in high school. I lived in Lufkin Texas until this year when I recently moved to Dallas. My interests are music, film, and art.


  1. I noticed you’re an actor and songwriter tell me more about that?


I love being able to share stories and send messages to help, entertain, and inspire other people. In acting I am able to be a different person than myself to help tell a story. Through my music I am autobiographically able to share my beliefs and emotions with others.


  1. What was the motivation you have into becoming an actor and songwriter?


My motivation for acting and songwriting is honestly my love of doing both of them. I enjoy them both so much, and I can use my passion to help influence messages on others. In my music the most important thing to me is my lyrics. If I don’t believe what I am singing then I am not doing the song or listener justice. I have to be connected to the song in order for others to connect with it as well.


  1. Was it hard for you at times?


Absolutely. I’ll be working on a song till five in the morning and just be stuck trying to find a lyric or melody to portray the picture I’m trying to paint, but then suddenly it comes to me. This is the best feeling to finally have all the pieces fall together. It makes all the time stuck in writers block and changing chords worth it.


  1. If you could play in any movie with someone who would it be?


If I were to be in a movie with anybody it would be Will Smith. He has done music and film just like I would like to do. He also has such a range to be able to play both comedic and dramatic roles.


  1. How many songs have you released?


I have currently released two songs. My first song “Young & Free” is about my belief that we can all make a difference to make the world a more peaceful place to live in. I released it with a fundraiser for The Red Cross to help relieve suffering to those in need after the Paris and California attacks.

My second song “Vinyl” will be releasing on April 22, 2016. I love the lyrics to this song. The whole song is a metaphor relating a person to a vinyl record. I am so excited for people to hear this new song. It has a simple piano part that’s saturated under many different string parts. I feel like the classic sounds of the piano and strings further portray the “old-fashioned” vibe of the person I am describing.


  1. Describe a typical day for you?


A typical day for me starts with school, then when I get home I go straight to my music room. Playing the piano is my way to relax. I typically write about two to four songs every week, so that’s what I do after school until it gets late enough then I will begin my homework.


  1. What’s your goal for 2016


My goal in 2016 is to release my first EP album. I have been working on the songs for the album for the past year. I have such a strong connection with them, and I can’t wait to share them for others to hear. I have so many songs that I want to share, so its hard for me to narrow it down for just the EP. The songs I have chosen though are all very different and unique from each other and are songs that I have really connected to emotionally.


  1. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?


In five to ten years I hope that the audience for my music has grown, so I’m able to share my message with an even larger group of people. Along with releasing more of my music I would love to write songs for other people. Writing music is one of my favorite things to do. I think music is so powerful and to be able to share messages and stories through song is such a great feeling. I am starting to mix, master, and produce music and I would love to do this for other people as well.

Besides being able to act in movies and shows I would love to also write them as well. I just hope that I continue to grow and perfect my craft in acting and music, so I can be the best I can be.


  1. Do you have any questions for me?


How did you hear about me?


  1. What type of influences do you have in your life that have helped you along the way?

In acting my biggest influence wouldn’t be a specific actor, it’s regular everyday people. In acting my goal is to be as honest I can be with that characters emotions. I feel like the most honest person with their emotions would be that person himself. Normal people aren’t trying to put on a show. They act and respond to things naturally, and that’s what I hope to achieve in acting.

In music my biggest inspiration is Lana Del Rey. She has completely created a sound that you instantly know is hers. Her lyrics are honest, and just all of her artistry is so fascinating to me. I am also influenced by Adele. Again for her honest lyrics, but her music is very timeless. The instruments are simple, so her message is able to get across. Some older artist that have influenced me are Billy Joel, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Bread, and The Eagles.

Haylee Sherrill Interview

1. im haylee. i grew up in seattle, wa. im 16 years old, and i have been a barista for almost a year and a half now. and I try to be involved in both crossfit and hot yoga.

2. yes, I do crossfit. for those who don’t know what this is, it is a high intensity cardio and weightlifting training. is it difficult at times? very, I actually just got back from an injury that put me out for four months. I ruptured my entire abdomen tearing the two main muscles down my stomach and pulling any other smaller muscles that didn’t get torn. I was completely unable to engage my stomach muscles or sit up. I continued attending crossfit after my stomach had started healing but I
was forced to take a break by my doctor and family, due to discovering a abdominal hernia from lifting with the stomach injury. I’m back now, doing great. I just finished a 10 week lean paleo type diet, and participated in several crossfit workouts, without pain or return of injury.

3. my motivation for what I’m doing in my life would have to revolve around my relationship with my family, and with God. they’ve gotten me through things that I’m that I’m certain I couldn’t do with them. also a big factor has been meditation yoga, it never fails to set my mind straight.

4. i think that I’ve had a lot of influences in my life affecting me now. looking back on my childhood, I believe that my little brother had one of the biggest influences on me. When I was five, we adopted my four year old brother, yeabsira, from ethiopia. i learned to accept change in my life  and learned to love someone who I barely knew faster than I thought someone could ever learn to love anyone. he didn’t speak english, and he didn’t know much of how to communicate. but he was my brother and to me there was no difference between him and my two sisters relationships with me. and I think this caused me to learn very early how I wanted to be judged, and how I would judge people.

5. a typical day for me would be driving my siblings and I to school. then after school, I would most likely either go to work, or to a friends house. and later that night I would go to crossfit, yoga, or to visit my older sister, my fav person.

6. that’s a hard one.

7. goals? probably just to have a family and a house with someone that I love. and to have enough a crazy jokes and laughs with the people I love to last me a lifetime. and to live somewhere warm, with sand and water a walk away from my house.

8. i think that in 5-10 years, I hope to see myself as an pediatric oncology nurse, treating and administering treatment to children and teenagers with cancer and other chemo or radiation required conditions, and starting a happy little family. in a cute little house.

9. for the rest of 2016 I plan to just do what makes me happy and focus more on myself. I want to finish my last year at the high school in june so that I am able to do my classes at the college in september and begin the pre nursing program and learn of things that I take interest in.

10. no questions, thanks for letting me share with you.

haylee sherrill

twitter: queenhaylee_

instagram: haylee99

Kenna Hei Interview(Email)

3. What is your motivation?

My motivation is the thought of being able to fly anywhere I want someday on a whim.

4. What are your influences?

my only influence is definitely me. haha

5. What are your hobbies?

Swimming, adventuring, writing, photography, music (listening and making), a lot of things

6. Have you struggled in the past?

Since day one of my life. I’ve been through a lot and a lot of people put it past me because of how I present myself. My own life has taught me not to judge. you never know how people have individually struggled.

7. What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Yikes. I don’t know. I hope I haven’t peaked already.

8. Can you describe a typical day?

Get up, if it’s a school day I take a class on campus for an hour, then go home, nap, go to work, come home again, sleep repeat.

Days I don’t work or have class I’m always with my close friends, doing random stuff or going to concerts.

9. Describe a perfect day? 

Any day by the ocean 

10. What Do You plan for the rest of 2016?

Travel, a lot of it.

11. What are your goals?

See the world. Have an amazing job. Discover the meaning of life in my own dictionary. Find out if love is real. If it is real, experience it.

My name is Patrick Baryla, ‘I am 22 years old, I come from Poland from a small town in the Western Pomeranian Stepnica 😊 its a small town but i love it aspecially in summer’

1. tell a bit about yourself?

My name is Patrick, I have 22 years old, I come from Poland  from a small town in the  Western Pomeranian Stepnica 😊 it’s a  small town but i love it especially in summer 😃 Just come and visit 😃

2. I noticed you’re a polish model how was long have you been modeling?

Yeah, so you’re right 😃✋🏼 I’m a just  beginner, so about some things I have no idea yet haha 😜 I started thinking about modeling a year ago for seriously, but I wasn’t sure that i can make my dream come true  😊

3. Was there in any struggle in the past for you?

Yes they was 😒😜 I had a couple of problems that they not helping me to become a model, I wasn’t tall, I was thicker, I had problems with my skin and didn’t have my own style which model should have. But I told myself  that I’ll fight for my dreams and I will never give up ! 😃 I started to take care of myself, eat healthy and do some sport to keep my body and mind in good shape.

4. What was your biggest accomplishment?

Hmm … 😃 for now I think a photo shoot for PRIDE Magazine 👌🏼


5. Where Do You See yourself in 5 years?

For five years I see myself as one of the best top models in the world 😃😃😃🔝

6. What are your hobbies?

Omg my hobbies? definitely music, fashion and expensive cars, I love cars! 😃

7. What are your influences?

My inspiration for everything is California state and Los Angeles City 💖 I didn’t have the pleasure to visit LA yet but I love their culture and lifestyle 😃

8. Favorite Music?

R&B, Hip-Hop and POP 👌🏼

9. Describe a typical day for you?

I try not to plan what I will be doing that day because then my life was by boring and I hate boredom 😜 but when I gets up I eat breakfast, I take a shower and after shower I check what is happening in social media like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat 😃  and after that I go to work till 02:00 pm. After work, I meet with my best friends at the beach or somewhere in the city 😃

10. Do you have any questions for me?

Hmm I don’t thinks so 😜 thanks for an interview ! ✋🏼✌🏼

Patrick Baryla

Emmalie Moe Interview

1. Tell me about yourself?

My name is Emmalie, and I’m a 21 year old junior at the University of Texas at Arlington, majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience. I’m the current Student Body President, academic chair for my sorority Alpha Chi Omega, and the fundraising chairwoman for an organization that works to promote the message of Malala Yousafzai. I love tattoos, coffee, and I’m obsessed with all things related to tacos and the brain.

2. What do you love to do?

I am really passionate about helping people, especially when it’s helping them learn to help themselves. As a psychology major, it’s incredible for me to see the concepts I’m learning about in class actually play out in peers; studying for my classes isn’t even like studying, and I love to read about different counseling styles. I also love to cook, even if I’m not necessarily always the best! I think cooking with colors is so fun.

3. What are your motivation?

I have an extremely eccentric family, and they’re a huge source of motivation for me, especially my parents. My mother grew up with nothing, but turned that nothing into everything she could need by working hard and never taking no for an answer; she and my father both ended up working for Dell Computers, right alongside Michael Dell himself, and since then have only achieved greater heights, so it’s inspired me to essentially work my ass off until I get to where I want, and then only work harder from there.

I’m also really motivated by the thought of all those out there who are told they cannot excel simply because they are different; the more hatred there is in this world, the more I’m inspired to change it and help those people. The quirky ones, the “weird” ones in life, are the ones who are really going to impact the world.

4. What are your influences?

I’m really influenced by activists and activism in today’s society, especially as it pertains to 1) mental health, 2) women’s rights and 3) the LGBTQA community. When I see someone, or an organization, or an entire community, fighting for something they believe in, it reminds me that there is goodness and strength and virtue in every walk of life. Malala Yousafzai, who is fighting for women’s rights to education, influences me to not only be grateful for my education, but also to continue proving to the world that I, as a female, can overcome any struggle if I stay focused on my goal. The entire LGBTQA community is an illustration that love does not see the boundaries that we humans so often put up, and that it comes in all forms. One of the biggest influences on me today, however, is the fight against judgement placed upon those with mental disabilities or disorders; I want the entire world to see beyond people’s diagnoses, and learn to have simple unconditional positive regard for the fact that they are humans, no matter how severe the label on their medical documents.

5. What are you hobbies?

My biggest hobby ever is (although totally strange), buying planners and organizing/color coding my checklists; I guess it gives me a sense of control, which is really funny considering my mom raised me to believe that as man plans, God laughs.Writing, playing piano, and singing are also huge hobbies of mine. Being that I am in a science intensive college career, it’s nice to be able to access the other side of my brain occasionally and let the two mesh. Some days, though, I need to give my brain a break and just binge watch The Office. My boyfriend and I could just sit there for hours on end laughing non-stop at that show.

6. Where do you see yourself in the future?

I plan on getting my Ph.D in clinical psychology and working toward starting my own clinical counseling practice; I’m also really interested in doing some medical research involving neuroscience. Aside from that though, I want to travel to Thailand and Malta and take some time for myself to not stress about the small things (for once, ha ha!). Then again, the universe may have totally different plans for me, so we’ll see!

7. What Do You plan for the rest of 2016?
This semester, I’ll be finishing up my term as Student Body President, and soon after I’ll begin working with children who have autism at a child development/learning center. In the fall, my senior year will start, so that will primarily be geared towards applying to Ph.D programs (*fingers crossed!!*) and getting ready to venture on into the next four years of school.
8. Favorite Music/ Movie?
I will forever be obsessed with the Harry Potter movies (and books, of course); I could watch them back to back and not get sick of it. My favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, and M83.

9. What did you find interesting about TNWTL MOVEMENT?

I love that it showcases different people’s lifestyles and their individuality. People are constantly motivated by completely different things, and what one person is passionate about, another person might not be. I think that’s the coolest thing about the TNWTL movement.

10. Do you have any questions for me?

I would like to know what inspired you to ask people about their lives and passions. I think it’s an incredible idea, and I’m curious where your ideas came from!

Kind regards,